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Free and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Did you just get a sewing machine?  You are so ready to get started sewing, but maybe you aren't exactly sure where to start.  Perhaps you've taken the time to learn all the parts of your sewing machine.  You have even mastered how to thread your sewing machine.  But now, you aren't sure what your first project or two should be.

That's okay.  That's why we are here!  We've put together a list of free sewing patterns for beginners .  That means all you have to do is scroll the list and decide where to start.  You're biggest problem now will be deciding which of these sewing projects for beginners you should start with.

Don't get to caught up in what to sew, but rather taking the time to do it right and not rush.  Rushing and sewing do not mix.  Take it from me, been there, done that.  Instead, look through the list of projects and decide on something you believe you can do, as well as, a sewing project you'd be proud to share or show others.  That's the project to start with.

As you browse through all these free sewing patterns for beginners, take a moment to pick one or two you think you can start with.  Don't try to conquer them all in one try.  You can always come back for more ideas and inspiration.

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Fabric Doorstop from Swoodson Says  
Making a doorstop is not only useful, but also a quick and easy sewing project idea.  You can use scrap fabrics too.  Which is great when you are first starting out.  No need to waste fabric.

Peasant Dress from Once Upon a Sewing Machine  
If you really want your first sewing project to be a dress, a peasant dress is always a good starting point.  Peasant dresses are simple and fit any little one, even with a few tiny mistakes.

Crayon Roll from Sew Simple Home
One of my favorite free sewing patterns for beginners is this crayon roll.  All you need to do is sew straight lines.  My students always do really well on this project.  You also get to choose 3 contrasting fabrics which is great when you can't decide on a fabric.

Leggings can be a great gift but also a fun starter project.  Just make sure you are ready to sew on stretchy knit fabrics.  They can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing. 

Check out our free Knit Sew Scary course.  We'll walk you through the steps of sewing with knit fabrics, even if you don't have a serger.
Superhero Cape from Sew Simple Home
Make this fun superhero cape for your little one.  You'll get some practice sewing and they'll get a fun surprise they'll use over and over again.  This project includes a free pattern and free appliques for several different superheroes.

Baby bibs make great gifts and you can practice sewing a curved line.  This is a great beginner project.  Plus, you can gift it to all those new babies.

Looking for more sewing ideas for babies?  Check out this Giant List of Free Baby Sewing Projects that are great for beginners.

Baby Burp Cloths from Sew Simple Home
Or if you'd rather, make a baby burp cloth.  Heck, be brave and make them both!!  Baby projects are great because they require little fabric and anything tiny is always better.

One great way to get organized is to sew for your home.  Why not sew up a grocery bag holder and get organized and practice those sewing skills.

Another great organizing idea is to make drawstring tote bags for toys, games and books.  They are easy to sew and perfect for getting your house organized.  Tote bags are many of my students favorite projects.

Like sewing bags and pouches?  We've got a big list of some beautiful Bags, Pouches, Purses and Wallets

Easy Pot Holders from Cucicucicoo
How about making these cute kitchen pot holders!  Wouldn't this make a fun gift for the holidays?  These are great projects because they'll teach you to turn corners and sew rounded edges.

A reusable snack bag is useful and only takes a little bit of time to make.  Plus, you'll learn to sew hook and loop tape!  You'll need to know how to sew with lots of different notions.

Bunting is a great free sewing pattern for beginners .  You can make bunting for each holiday or season.  Or just some for everyday.

Pencil Pouch from Sew Simple Home
Zipper pouches might seem like a difficult project.  But with a little patience and a great tutorial like this one, you'll sew one up in no time.  Being able to sew a zipper is a HUGE accomplishment and you'll never be sorry you can do it.

Petal Hat from Sew Simple Home
This little hat is reversible and can be made in under and hour.  Plus, you'll keep the sun off that little person's head and spare them a sunburn.

Pillowcase Dress from Sew What Alicia
Pillowcase dresses are fast and adorable and easy for most beginners.  If you aren't sure you like the peasant dress, pillowcase dresses are just as quick with a different style.

We can all use a good book bag and this one is great for the beginner.  Kids and adults alike love a cute bookbag.

Each of these free sewing patterns for beginners are great for kids, teens and adults.  I've used many of them myself as I've taught children, teens and adults to sew.  They have all been successful completing their projects and you will be too!  Just take your time and feel free to email me if you have questions.

Looking for even MORE beginner sewing project ideas?  Check out our list of over 200 beginner sewing projects.  We have projects for beginners all the way to advanced sewists.

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