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How to Make Bunting - Free Template

I love holidays!  More importantly, I love to decorate for holidays.  As many as I can.  One of my go to decorating projects for each holiday is making holiday bunting to put on my mantel.  

I love having a mantel to decorate and I love that I can use this simple bunting template to create fun holiday decorations that I can use year after year.

Create your own custom holiday bunting in triangle or star form with these free holiday bunting templates.

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Up until about 3 years ago, I didn't have a mantel.  Which made decorating for the holidays a little strange.  But my husband inherited a piano from his mother so that became my mantel.  

Of course, making bunting for each holiday usually happens right before the holiday happens.  But when you have a large fabric stash you can always find the right color fabric for each holiday.  

I've been slowly adding to my bunting collection over the years.  I still don't have all the holidays done, but the big ones I decorate for I finally have finished.

Holiday Bunting Template

Thankfully, this holiday bunting template is a super easy to sew and can be done with very little fabric.  

In fact my 4th of July fabric was just leftover from some other projects.  I has just enough to cut out my bunting with.  

If you've never decorated with bunting, not only does it add a cute touch for the holidays but it is a great way to incorporate fun fabrics and textiles to your room.  

And who doesn't love fabric.  AM I RIGHT?  When you have a lot of smooth textures in a room adding a little fabric can really help balance out the space.

Holiday Bunting Template

The other great thing about this bunting is it is a perfect project for kids too!  They can pick the fabric and sew it all up with just a bit of help.  

It's a great way to decorate a bedroom or make a banner for a birthday party.  In fact, I love bunting so much I made my daughter a bunting blanket.

As I was think of the holidays, I love to include themed bunting for different holidays like buffalo plaid bunting or adding star bunting to a nativity scene.  

The star bunting might be my favorite of all time.  It is perfect addition for our nativity each year.

Holiday Bunting Template

Or to make a festive patriotic mantel for the 4th of July.  Isn't it cute!!  Love it!!  

Such a quick and simple way to make a room pop and add a little holiday color for the season.  And since the pattern only takes a little bit of fabric, you can create your own bunting for inexpensive.

Holiday Bunting Template

Today you can grab our Holiday Bunting Pattern!  And it's FREE!! Hooray for Free!!  Just grab it at the end of this post.

Free Bunting Template

Materials Needed

Triangle Bunting Tutorial

free holiday bunting templates
Step 1
Cut out each of your bunting pieces using pinking shears.  You will need between 9 and 12 sets of triangles or stars.

You’ll also want to cut out 9-12 pattern pieces of interfacing.  You can cut the interfacing down about ¼” smaller on each edge.

free holiday bunting templates

Step 2
Iron your interfacing to the wrong side of one of your bunting pieces.  So each set will have one piece of interfacing.

free holiday bunting templates
Step 3
Stitch around each piece of bunting.  On the triangles, you don’t need to stitch across the top straight edge.

free holiday bunting templates free holiday bunting templates

Step 4
If you plan to use ribbon or store bought bias tape to attach and hang your bunting, skip to step 8.

To create your own bias tape, take your fabric and fold one corner across and to the opposite corner to make a large triangle.  

Next, take the top right corner and fold across to the opposite corner.

Now rotate your fabric so the diagonal piece is straight.

 free holiday bunting templates  free holiday bunting templates

Step 5
Use a rotary cutter and cut the folded edge straight. 

Measure each section 2.5” and cut straight.

To know how much bias tape you will need, measure across your mantel or area you wish to hang your bunting.  Add 10-12” to allow for more hang.

free holiday bunting templates free holiday bunting templates

Step 6
Take your bias tape pieces and line them up so the slanted edges intersect.  Stitch across.  Repeat with each piece of bias tape.

Open bias tape and iron flat.  Trim down seams.

free holiday bunting templates free holiday bunting templates

Step 7
Fold bias tape raw edges towards the wrong side ¼”. Press.

Fold bias tape in half.  Your raw edges should now be enclosed.  Press.

free holiday bunting templates

Step 8
Trim your bunting pieces with pinking shears so they all line up nicely.

free holiday bunting templates

Step 9
Place your bunting inside your bias tape.  Making sure to create a pattern as you go.  Space your bunting pieces between 3-4” apart.  Pin.

Stitch down the bias tape.  Making sure to stitch over the bunting as you go so it is enclosed in bias tape

free holiday bunting templates

Step 10
Finish the ends of your bias tape enclosing your raw edges.  Now hang up that adorable bunting and start enjoying the holiday!!

free holiday bunting templates

Star Bunting Tutorial
The star bunting tutorial is very similar to the triangle bunting.  But you can watch the video a the top of the page to learn how to easily assemble your star bunting template.  

Just a couple differences in the steps to make it go together perfectly.  Don't forget to turn off your ad blockers so you can see it.

Also, check out our little video on how to make those star corners nice and pointed!  This is an important part of the look of those stars.  You want them to be nice and pointed so they look great when hanging in your home.

This star bunting made the perfect addition to our Christ Centered Christmas mantel.

Don't forget to join our FB group so you can share your creations.  And don't forget to download the holiday bunting templates at the end of the post.  You'll get both the triangle and star templates to create your own simple bunting.

Want the free bunting pattern?  Simply click the buttons below to download your copy.

Create your own custom holiday bunting in triangle or star form with these free holiday bunting templates.