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Free Girls A-Line Peasant Dress Pattern

For years I've planned to draft a simple peasant dress sewing pattern.  For YEARS.  And it just never happened.

I love the look of a simple girls peasant dress.  They can be used for dresses, nightgowns and dress up ideas.  SO many options!
easy peasant dress tutorial
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But this year I really wanted to get it done.  I have a BUNCH of fun ideas to do with this pattern that I can't wait to share.

Before I share these other fun ideas, you need the basic peasant dress pattern so you can create your own amazing projects.

This tutorial actually covers two different styles of peasant dresses.  But since the tutorials can get pretty long, I've split the two tutorials up into two separate posts.

peasant dress pattern

You'll be able to grab both patterns and tutorials to create the a-line peasant dress and the gathered skirt peasant dress.

Both patterns have been tested with a great group of testers to ensure they have a nice fit for the size.

girls peasant dress

PLUS, you'll get the 12" baby doll pattern as well.

So many great patterns so little time!  Let's get sewing!

You can get the A-line and Gathered Peasant Dress Patterns in our Etsy Shop for $3.97.

Easy Girls A-line Peasant Dress Pattern

Materials Needed

Tip:  This version of the Peasant Dress works really well for knit fabrics aka stretchy fabrics.  If you are new to sewing with knits, check out our free ecourse Knit Sew Scary.

peasant dress pattern  easy peasant dress tutorial
Step 1
With Right Sides Together (RST), match the sleeve and the bodice front.  Stitch sleeve to bodice.

With RST, match one sleeve with the bodice back.  Stitch sleeve to back.  

Repeat with opposite sleeve.  

girls peasant dress
Step 2
Turn bodice so that right sides are together.  Match side seams and sleeves.  Stitch down the side seam.  Repeat with opposite side.

easy peasant dress tutorial
Step 3
To create the sleeve elastic casing, fold the edge up 1/4" and then another 1". 

Mark a 1” opening on the sleeve.  Stitch around the casing at the bottom edge ¼”.  Leave the 1” marking open.

peasant dress pattern
Step 4
Thread elastic through opening.  Overlap the elastic by 1” and stitch together.  Pull elastic into sleeve casing.  Stitch opening closed.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other sleeve.

girls peasant dress
Step 5
To create the neck casing, fold the top edge down ¼” and then another 1”. 

Find the back of your neckline and mark a 2” opening in the center.  Stitch around the casing at the bottom edge ¼”.  Leave the 2” marking open.

girls peasant dress
Step 6
Thread elastic through opening.  Overlap the elastic by 1” and stitch together.  Pull elastic into neck casing.  Stitch opening closed.

Press the dress hem up ¼” and then fold another 1” all the way around the skirt.  Stitch the hem right along the top edge of the folded hem.

Want the free A-Line Girls Peasant Dress Pattern?  Simply click the button below and download it to your device.

Sew up this easy and free girls a-line peasant dress pattern with this step by step tutorial.


  1. I don't see any indication of length of elastic for doll or girls' dresses. Did you just use whatever makes it how tight you wanted it?


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