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How to Make Pot Holders + Free Sewing Pattern

"It's melting!  There's a giant hole!"

That's what my childhood friend screamed as the pot holding the popcorn sunk into the countertop.

Yep, that is right.  They burned a giant hole through their counters.  Granted this was the 80's are their home was probably built in the 70's.  But still.....a hole!

Now a days we have granite counters tops and all sorts of diy pot holders to ensure this doesn't happen to us.
Grab the free sewing pattern and learn how to make pot holders.

But no matter what your countertop is made of, pot holders always make a great gift.

Do you know how to make pot holders?  It is actually much easier than you might think.

It is important to have several layers of 100% cotton batting to ensure they don't scorch your table, but otherwise, these are a great beginner sewing project.

diy pot holders

Pot holders can be paired with many great sewing projects like aprons or our hanging towel sewing pattern as well.  You can even make your own personalized kitchen set for gifting.

how to make pot holders

Let us show you how simple it is to sew up your own custom pot holders.

How to Make A Pot Holder

Materials Need

making pot holders  making pot holders
Step 1
Place one fabric right side down, add the batting layers on top and place the other layer of fabric right side up.

Use a ruler and washable fabric pen to mark lines down the pot holder that are 1” apart.

Pin the layers together to prevent slippage during sewing.

how to make pot holders
Step 2
Sew down each of the lines you just drew.

how to make pot holders
Step 3
Cut out a piece of bias tape that is 26” long and 3” wide.  Make your own bias tape or check out our tutorial on how.

how to make pot holders from fabric
Step 4
Fold the bias tape in half matching the raw edges.  Pin around the pot holder overlapping the ends of the bias tape.

Sew bias tape to pot holder.

how to make pot holders

Step 5
Fold the pot holder loop in half matching right sides.  Stitch along the long edge.

Turn loop right side out and press.

Form a loop by matching up the two short ends.  Pin to the curve on the back of the pot holder.  Stitch in place.

Step 6
Fold the bias tape towards the wrong side of the pot holder.  Pin in place.

Stitch around the circle making sure that the bias tape covers the raw edges of the pot holder.

how to make pot holders
Step 7

Flip the loop up and stitch in place.

how to make a pot holder

There you go!  It is super simple learning how to make a pot holder.

Now, want the free DIY Pot Holder PDF sewing pattern?  Just click the button below and get sewing!

Grab the free sewing pattern and learn how to make pot holders.

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