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Free Sewing Projects

Welcome to Sew Simple Home!! We are excited to share with your all of our awesome sewing projects.  

We've got over 75 sewing projects!  The best part about it is that these are all FREE projects.  

Great library of over 75 simple and beginner friendly sewing projects for everyday and holidays like Valentine's, 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas. #sewing #sewingprojects

Why do I offer so much awesome free stuff?  Because I LOVE to sew and more than that, I love to teach others how to sew!! 

 I've been teaching sewing since 2006 to children, teens and adults alike.  I graduated with a degree in Family and Consumer Science (aka Home Economics) and taught Fashion Design to high schoolers for 8 years.  Now, through my blog I get to teach the world to sew.

If  you already know how to sew, scroll down our sewing project categories.

Join our  Facebook group where you can share finished projects or ask questions and get to know like minded sewists.  

I love our Sew Simple Home community and I definitely love it when you share your amazing creations.

Lastly, if you love sewing, you probably enjoy a good craft too.  Check out our Craft Projects page for more great projects!

Happy Sewing!!!



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