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Quick Pocket Tissue Holder Tutorial

My 5 year old's nose is constantly running.  He drooled a lot as a baby which meant his clothes were always wet.  But now, he just loves to wipe his snot on his sleeves.

Naturally, as his mother, I tend to remind him 100 times a day to grab a tissue and wipe his nose.  It is a daily battle and we are getting better at it.  But since consistency in parenting is so important, I try to carry a package of tissues in my purse or car to keep up.
pocket tissue holder

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As is typical with children, the plastic container for the tissues is always being destroyed, so I figured it was time to learn how to sew a pocket tissue holder.

I looked at many design and decided to make this interesting crisscross pattern.  It makes the package a bit more intriguing and makes tucking the tissue package inside super simple.

Keep your tissues handy with this pocket tissue holder sewing tutorial.

And since it is made with simple cotton fabrics, if it gets dirty or falls prey to the preschool booger wiping, it can be thrown right into the washing machine and come out nice and fresh.

travel tissue holder

Plus, this is a great beginner sewing pattern.  With just a few straight stitches you'll have your own quick and useful tissue pocket.  Make a bunch for friends and family for gifts or just one for your own backpack or purse.

Keep your tissues handy with this pocket tissue holder sewing tutorial.

How to Sew a Pocket Tissue Pouch

Materials Needed

Seam Allowance: 1/4"

travel tissue holder

Step 1

With Right Sides Together (RST), match one main fabric piece to the opposite contrasting fabric piece along the straight edge. Sew pieces together. Repeat with two remaining pieces.

pocket tissue holder

Step 2

Press pieces open. Match RST and stitch along the top curve and along the bottom curve.

Do not stitch the straight sides.

pocket tissue pouch

Step 3

Clip every 1/2" along both curves with scissors.

purse size tissue holder

Step 4

Turn the case right side out and press well. Topstitch along the curves of the case.

pocket tissue holder sewing pattern diy pocket tissue holder

Step 5

Fold the top curve down to match where the center fold of the bottom is. Fold the bottom curve up to match the fold of the top. Pin in place.

pocket tissue pouch

Step 6

Sew a straight line down both sides of the case. Trim the corners and sides with scissors.

purse size tissue holder

Step 7

Turn the case right side out and press the seams well. Tuck a package of tissues into the case and add it to your purse.

That's it.  How quick and easy this project is.  Don't you love how useful it is.

pocket tissue holder sewing pattern

Want the free pocket tissue holder pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

diy pocket tissue holder

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Keep your tissues handy with this pocket tissue holder sewing tutorial.

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