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Easy DIY Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial

I always seem to have a lot of plastic grocery bags. 

For a long time, they just sat under my kitchen sink.  Driving me nuts.  Making a mess.  Causing me to have a bit of anxiety about opening the cabinet door.
Learn how to make a grocery bag holder with this simple and easy sewing tutorial.

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    And then I remembered a grocery bag holder that my Mom had gotten from someone.  I thought to myself, why can't I learn how to make a grocery bag holder.

    So I did a little research...aka I went to my Mom's and checked out her bag holder.

    do it yourself diy plastic bag holder

    I couldn't believe how easy of a project it was and how much it was going to make my life less stressful.  This DIY plastic bag holder will make your life easier as well!

    What is a Plastic Bag Holder?

    A plastic bag holder is exactly what it sounds like—a holder for your plastic bags. It looks like a long fabric cylinder, with an opening where you can store all your plastic shopping bags. After each use, simply add the bags and store them in the holder until you need them again.

    Why Would I Want a Plastic Bag Holder?

    If you’re trying to reduce your reliance on single-use items, then plastic bag holders are perfect for helping you do just that. Not only do they help reduce plastic waste, but they can also save you money since you won’t have to buy new plastic bags every time you shop.

    grocery bag holder tutorial

    What Are The Benefits Of A Plastic Bag Holder?

    The benefits of having a plastic bag holder are numerous! Not only will it save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase new shopping bags, but it will also significantly reduce your environmental impact by cutting down on single-use items.

    Additionally, you have plastic bags out of the way.  This project hangs on the wall and doesn't take up space under your sink, in a cabinet or a box.

    DIY Plastic Bag Holder Video

    How to Make a Grocery Bag Holder

    diy grocery bag holder
    Materials Needed:

    how to make a grocery bag holder
    Step 1

    Cut the tag off of the towel.  I've found it tends to get in the way of the bags dispensing properly.

    do it yourself diy plastic bag holder
    Step 2
    Cut elastic about 4-5 inches SHORTER than the width of your towel.  Make sure you are measuring on the short side of your towel.

    diy plastic bag holder
    Step 3
    Sew about 1" of the elastic to the towel.

    Stop sewing and pull the elastic tight. Carefully pull the elastic as you sew until you reach the opposite side of the towel.

    grocery bag holder

    Step 4
    The base of your towel should be bunched up and stretch.

    Repeat steps 1-3 on the opposite side of the towel.

    plastic bag holder pattern

    Step 5 
    With right sides together, pin the 2 long sides of the towel together.

    diy plastic bag holder
    Step 6 
    Sew along the long side of the towel. 

    Make sure to backstitch or you'll be sorry because your thread will begin to pull and your stitches will come out from all the pulling as you get your trash bags out.

    grocery bag holder tutorial
    Step 7
    Attach a ribbon to the elastic on one side of the towel. Then sew the ribbon to the towel.

    diy plastic bag holder

    See how easy this diy plastic bag holder is!  Now you can store all those bags without going nuts.

    Plus, find a fun hand towel in your kitchen colors and you'll have the perfect kitchen accessory.

    Learn how to make a grocery bag holder with this simple and easy sewing tutorial.