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Grocery Bag Holder Tutorial

Grocery Bag Holder Tutorial by GYCT
Today I want to share with you a simple tutorial on making your own Grocery Bag Holder.  

I always seem to have a lot of plastic grocery sacks. I would recycle them, but we use them for all sorts of projects.  So instead of storing them all underneath my kitchen sink, I thought why not share how to make a Grocery Bag Holder.
Grocery Bag Holder Tutorial by GYCT

I also have a lot hand towels. We have been married a years, but we got a TON as gifts.  So why not use them up?

Grocery Bag Holder Tutorial by GYCT
I've already made one holder for my pantry, but I figured I could use one in my craft room, considering I use grocery bags in my trash cans and to hold projects.

Materials Needed:
Hand Towel
1/2" elastic
9" of Ribbon
Grocery Bag Holder Tutorial by GYCT
First, cut the tag off, this way it doesn't get in the way or get pulled out when you are removing trash bags.
Grocery Bag Holder Tutorial by GYCT
Next, cut your elastic about 4-5 inches SHORTER than the width of your towel.  Make sure you are measuring on the short side of your towel.

Grocery Bag Holder Tutorial by GYCT

Sew and backstitch the elastic to the towel.

Then pull the elastic tight as you sew. This will pull the ends of the towel in.

The base of your towel should be bunched up just like the picture 

Repeat adding the elastic to the opposite side of the towel.

With right sides together, pin the 2 long sides of the towel together.

Then sew from the top to the bottom. Make sure to backstitch or you'll be sorry because your thread will begin to pull and your stitches will come out from all the pulling as you get your trash bags out.

Attach a ribbon to the elastic on one side of the towel. Then sew the ribbon to the towel.

Voila! You now have a clean and easy way to store your grocery bags.