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Learn to Sew Online with Sewing Basics 101

Have you been wanting to learn to sew?  Or maybe someone just gifted you a sewing machine but you haven’t taken it out of the box?  

Maybe you’re a bit scared.  Or perhaps you use to sew and just need to brush up on some skills you have forgotten over the year. 

 I know just how you feel!!  That’s why I’m excited to give you the opportunity to learn to sew online.

Have you been wanting to learn to sew?  Or maybe someone just gifted you a sewing machine but you haven’t taken it out of the box?  Maybe you’re a bit scared.  Or perhaps you use to sew and just need to brush up on some skills you have forgotten over the year.  Learn to sew online with this simple 6 lesson email sewing course with bonus lessons and patterns.

No matter what your reason to learn to sew, you probably need a little help getting started.  

Maybe you've already taken your machine out of the box but you just aren't quite sure what to do next.  

When I was 17 years old I learned to sew from a sweet lady in our church.  Of course, I was 17 and didn’t really care about technique or the overall look, I just cared about getting the project done.  I made pajama pants and a t-shirt quilt.  

Looking back, both of those projects were pretty ambitious for a girl who’d never even touched a sewing machine.  But I had a great time and learned to love creating things with my sewing machine.  

You can check out why sewing is my love language and why I love to teach others to sew online.

I was lucky enough to have someone close by willing to teach me.  But you might not be so fortunate.

You might be looking everywhere you can and you haven’t found someone willing or you just aren’t brave enough to ask.  

That’s why  you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Sew Simple Home  I LOVE to teach others how to sew.  I can help you learn to sew online without having to leave the comfort of your home!!  

You can sew in your pajamas and I won’t say a thing.  (Probably because as I write this I’m sitting in my pajamas.)

Learn to Sew Online with Sewing Basics 101

Perhaps you are wondering who the heck this lady is that wants to teach me to sew.  

Well, I’m Chelsea and I am the blogger here at Sew Simple Home .   I’m a wife, mother of 3 and an avid seamstress.  I graduated with a degree in Family Consumer Science (aka Home Economics) in 2006 and have taught both beginner sewing and fashion design to more than 700 high school students.  

In 2012, I started my own PDF pattern shop selling children’sclothing patterns. 

For 12+ years, I've been teaching sewing to novice sewists just like you.  

I've had loads of good {and bad} sewing experiences and love to take my experiences and help make your experience with a sewing machine positive.  

I’ve taught children as young as 5 to sew and helped give a little “refresher” to adults into their 60’s.  I don’t just enjoy sewing, I LOVE TEACHING sewing!  

Learn to Sew Online with Sewing Basics 101

If you are ready to start learning to sew online, I’ve designed this free course just for beginner sewists like you!!  Today you can enroll in:

Sewing Basics 101:
Learn to Sew Online from the comfort of your home

During this free course you'll receive valuable advice via email on how to understand your sewing machine, what fabrics to use, how to do basic sewing techniques, and best of all, I'll provide you with easy beginner sewing patterns to help you become more comfortable with sewing.

Online lessons will cover topics like what tools every sewist needs, understanding fabric, parts of the sewing machine and how to layout and cut your fabric and pattern.  

You'll also learn how to thread your machine and be given practice tips and tools.  

Finally, you'll learn how to finish a project so it looks clean and ready to use.  As an added plus, you'll receive a few surprise bonus lessons with ideas for your first sewing projects.

If you are worried that you won't be able to get through all the lessons, don't worry.  

You'll have access to each lesson right in your email inbox.  You can save it and come back to it later when you have some time to really work

Learn to Sew Online with Sewing Basics 101

Looking for more great sewing projects?  Check out our list of over 200 beginner sewing projects.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the lessons to help you visualize what is coming as you learn to sew online.

Lessons Included:
#1: Essential Tools Every Sewist Needs
#2: Understanding Fabric Anatomy
#3: Sewing Machine Anatomy
#4: Pattern Layout and Cutting
#5: Threading Your Machine and Sewing Practice Tips along with a free beginner pattern
#6: Seam Finishes 101

Plus, 2 surprise bonus lessons that will include beginner sewing projects!! {Free patterns are the best!}

At the end of the course, you’ll be added to our beginner sewist email series that will continue to share valuable techniques, projects and patterns with you to help you continue to grow in your sewing.

Learn to Sew Online with Sewing Basics 101

For this course you’ll need just a couple items.

Materials Needed:

  • Sewing Machine (it doesn’t matter what brand you have)
  • Sewing Machine Needles
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scrap Fabric (just so you can practice some stitches)
  • Thread

If you haven’t purchased a sewing machine yet, don’t worry!  I’ve put together a great list of the BEST beginner sewing machines for kids through adults.  

Check out the list and it will help you figure out what you might be looking for in a new sewing machine. Also, feel free to email me and ask questions you might have at {chelsea@sewsimplehome.com}

Excited to have you in the course!!