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Welcome to Sew Simple Home!

When you plug in your sewing machine, you aren't sure if you threaded it right or that all the settings are correct.

You are worried you'll make silly mistakes when you start sewing and have to spend more time fixing them than finishing the project you started.

Heck!  You're not even sure what sewing projects you should do!  There are so many to choose from and you aren't sure which are the best for your skill level.

You long to find the time to sew and be creative but between your work and family obligations you aren't sure how to make it happen.

I hear you!!  I was once in your shoes too.

I believe sewing can build confidence and creativity in everyone.

With the right resources and a bit of creativity, anyone can learn to sew.

Sewing can be simple and inexpensive and still give you the end result you are proud of.

You can find the time to sew and be creative.

What others are saying

{Sew Simple Home} helped me see so many more practical and useful ways that I can use my sewing skills, both as gifts and for my own use. The projects are very scrap friendly and gave me great ways to use up fabric leftover from bigger projects besides just quilts. -Ruth

You are an excellent instructor- you speak clearly, and move along at a good rate while still explaining so that any level of sewer can follow.  -Lynne

I am an experienced seamstress and I still learned so much from you. You shared valuable tips that make this sewing project easier throughout your video. Thank you!  -Macrob

I think it’s great how much y’all share for free! It’s really inspiring to see that you don’t have to break the bank to make lovely things. -Super Happy Sew Simple Home Member

Imagine for a moment.....
Imagine having the confidence to quickly pull out your sewing machine to fix a skirt hem, sew a button on a top or mend a hole in some jeans.

Imagine a call from a friend and family member asking YOU to make them some new pot holders or window coverings.  And they are even happy to pay you or buy you all the supplies.

What if, for birthdays and holidays, you could plan creative, handmade gifts for everyone on your list that they'd love and treasure for years to come?

When you become a member of the Sew Simple Home Community, you’ll conquer your fear of the sewing machine and find the confidence to sew simple projects that draw out your creativity.

My personal sewing journey....
The first pair of pajama pants I ever made, I couldn't even wear.  I had sewn the two back pieces together and the directional print was upside down.  I was frustrated, annoyed and my confidence took a little hit.

After a little self imposed time out, I realized that, no, I couldn't wear those pajama pants, but I could learn from my silly sewing mistakes.  And that is just what I did.
Over the next several years, I would sew projects and embrace the mistakes.  I recognized that those mistakes were learning opportunities, a way to improve my sewing.

The more mistakes  I made, the more I learned, and the more my confidence in my skills improved.
Today, I take the sewing mistakes I've made and teach others, like you, how to avoid them and even embrace them.  I am here to help you find the confidence to sew something new, make mistakes and be proud of your progress.

Are you ready to get sewing?
Let's get you started on your sewing journey!

The best place to start is to enroll in the free Sewing Basics 101 course.  You get free sewing lessons right to your inbox.  Along with several simple and free sewing projects to get you started.

Once you've got the basics down, check out all the sewing categories on the sewing tutorials page.

And don't forget to visit the PDF sewing pattern shop.  There are loads of simple and printable sewing projects and easy sewing eBooks.

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  1. You have the same old Bernina that I do. Isn’t it great?

  2. I am trying to get my pattern printed off here at staples. They said that they can’t because of the copyright. Can you help me

    1. Email me at and we can see what we can do


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