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DIY Laptop Sleeve

2020 has been the most interesting year of education I've ever experienced.

First we get out of school in March and attempt distance learning for 2 months.  Than we go back to school on a hybrid of 2 days a week in person and 3 days at home.

What a huge change for us!  And the rest of the nation, if not world.
diy laptop sleeve
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But luckily, my kids are taking it like champs.  Even if Mom is pulling out her hair trying to master all the new developments.

One of those developments is the transportation of the all important Chromebook.

Not only does this precious cargo cost an arm and a leg, but my 2 elementary age children are meant to carry it "safely" 4 days of the week, to and from school.

diy laptop sleeve

Enter the DIY laptop sleeve!

Because even with the school insurance, there is no way I want to cough up $600 to buy electronics that my children don't get to keep in the end.

If you are like me, you can easily save some money by making a simple cover....nay, pocket for that little devil with supplies you may already have on hand.

Sew your own simple diy laptop sleeve to protect that school Chromebook.

DIY Laptop Sleeve

Materials Needed
  • (2) 13" x 15" pieces of cotton fabric
  • (2) 13" x 9" pieces of cotton fabric
  • (1) 13" x 15" piece of batting
  • (1) 13" x 9" pieces of batting
  • 3-4" piece of Velcro
  • Thread
diy laptop case
Step 1
Place the two pocket pieces with right sides together with a piece of batting on the bottom.  Stitch the 3 layers together along the long top edge at 1/4".

diy laptop sleeve
Step 2
Turn and press along the stitched edge of the pocket.

laptop sleeve pattern
Step 3
Cut a 3-4" piece of Velcro.  Place the soft half of the Velcro 2 inches from the top of the pocket and evenly spaced from the two side edges.  Pin in place.

Stitch a box around the Velcro to keep it in place.

diy chromebook cover
Step 4
Place a piece of batting on a flat surface.  Place the main inside piece over that batting with the right side up.  Place the pocket with right side up over the inside piece.

laptop case sewing pattern
Step 5
With wrong side up, place the outside piece over the other layers.  The pocket should be sandwiched between the inside and outside piece.

Stitch around the entire diy laptop sleeve.  Leaving a 5-6" opening in the center of the top of the sleeve.

laptop sleeve pattern
Step 6
Clip the corners and cut any excess fabric to reduce bulk.

padded laptop case tutorial
Step 7
Turn the case right side out through the opening in the top of the cover.

laptop case sewing pattern
Step 8
Topstitch along the top edge of the sleeve to close off the opening.

laptop case tutorial

There you have it!!  A functional and simple laptop sleeve for your Chromebook, laptop or even tablet.

You could customize this sleeve with a name or just a fun fabric that fits your personality or in this case my 7 year daughter.

laptop sleeve pattern

You could even add a second pocket on the back side of the sleeve to allow storage for pens, headphones, papers or other electronic treasures.

Sew your own simple diy laptop sleeve to protect that school Chromebook.

Sew your own simple diy laptop sleeve to protect that school Chromebook.


  1. Thank you! I need to make my jr high student one...just didn't want to figure it all out by myself. So thank you for sharing the info!

  2. I’m looking at making this for my wife for her birthday but her laptop is bigger. How much larger than the chrome book did you make the panels?

    1. I would say you'd want to add an additional 1-1.5" for the panels. That way you have enough of a seam allowance and a little room for the laptop to move freely in and out of the sleeve.

  3. how big is your chromebook? my laptop is 9.5 x 13.5

    1. Chromebooks are about 11.5" x 8.25". For your own laptop, you would want to add about 1.5-2" to the dimensions of your laptop case.


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