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Sewing For Women

Sewing for adults is a little more challenging than sewing for children.  

However, if you are a beginner sewist, you can be successful at sewing for women.  Make sure to take it slow and get the measurements!!  

Measurements make a BIG difference in how clothing fits.  Don't just say "they wear a medium" and hope that the medium you make is the right size.  

Each pattern company and PDF pattern designer has a different size chart just like each clothing retailer has different sizes.  (Now it makes sense why those jeans from JcPenny fit differently from those at Target.)




  1. I'm delighted to find your group. Thank you. I'm not a natural at sewing at all!, But i really want to learn. I have had several fails, and a few triumphs!. Just had to throw away a rag doll that took me days, as i messed up her face. I hope to get better & gain confidence.


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