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DIY Sleep Mask Pattern

"I can't sleep, Mom!"  The lights are too bright.  Said the daughter that has 3 nightlights and a light-up glowworm.

Most of us have a hard time sleeping with all the lights on and a nice DIY sleep mask can fix that.  But fixing the fact that she likes to wear a sleep mask at night but still has every light on in her room, I'm not sure I know how to fix that.
Create your own diy sleep mask with this simple tutorial and free pdf sewing pattern.
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No one mentions dealing with nightlights in parenting 101.  Or ever really.  But if she feels safer with her room lit up like the Fourth of July and her eye mask covering her face, I can't fault her.

That's why I decided I'd have to make one for myself.  Could it be that just that small amount of light coming in my window at night was keeping me from really sleeping well?

diy sleep mask

Let me say, it worked!  I never thought I'd be a sleep mask person, but I think I'm convinced.

Whether you wear a sleep mask or you just know someone who would, you'll love this free DIY sleep mask tutorial.  They are fast and make really great gifts.  

Or it might just help you with your New Year's Resolution to stop using that nightlight.

Create your own diy sleep mask with this simple tutorial and free pdf sewing pattern.

How to Make a Sleep Mask

sleep mask pattern
Materials Needed

eye mask sewing pattern
Step 1
Place one of the mask pieces with right side up.  Place the elastic in the middle of the mask with about 1/2" hanging over the edge.

sleep mask template
Step 2
Place the other mask over the elastic with wrong side up.  You should have the elastic sandwiched in between the layers.

sleep eye mask sewing pattern
Step 3
Add the batting piece on top of all the layers.  Pin in place.  Mark a 3" opening on the top straight side of the sleep mask.

Stitch around the mask at 1/4".

diy sleep mask
Step 4
Take scissors and clip around the entire sleep mask.  This will help the curves to flatten out nicely.

eye mask pattern
Step 5
Turn the sleep mask right side out and press.  Stitch around the outside of the mask at about 1/8".  Press.

Woot woot!!  You've got a sleep mask.

Now those pesky nightlights won't bother you.  Even though you could simply turn them off.

how to make a sleep mask

Want the free DIY sleep mask pattern?  Simply click the button below to download right to your device.  

Create your own diy sleep mask with this simple tutorial and free pdf sewing pattern.

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