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Hanging Dish Towel Pattern

Do you ever feel like you are in a battle with your kitchen towel?

Yes, I know that sounds a little silly.  But really, are you constantly picking it up off the floor like I am.

It is frustrating, exhausting and frankly, I'd rather just keep it on the floor the continue to pick it up.  Am I right?
kitchen towel topper pattern
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That is why I love hanging dish towels.

They stop my battle with the floor towel.  They also keep my children from the tearing towel down from every place in my house.  

I cannot tell you how many times I get out a new towel in the morning and by the afternoon it is a heap on the floor in one of my children's bedrooms being used as a blanket or full of toothpaste the 2 year old found.  (Not that this has ever happened....a lot.)

But really, I swear the baby walks by the oven and dishwasher just to swipe my towel and run.  

I can't keep a towel in my kitchen to save my life.  Which means I go through way more towels then I want.  And when I'm in the middle of my Fall Deep Cleaning I don't need anyone swiping my towels.

hanging kitchen towel pattern

But not anymore!!  Nope!!  

Now that towel is fastened to the oven handle and they could pull for days and it isn't going ANYWHERE!  

Which is why I had to share this hanging dish towel pattern.  I know I'm not the only one that needs some way to keep their towels in place.  

Yes, I know there are other hanging towel patterns out there, but this one is super simple, super fast and you don't even have to add a button, you could do a snap!!  

Minimal sewing but maximum results.  And you only need some scrap fabric and a dish towel to get started.

how to make hanging kitchen towels

This hanging dish towel pattern could change your life!  You could make a towel for every holiday.  Or make them so they match your kitchen or bathroom.  

AND they won't disappear from your kitchen.  They also make great gifts, promise.  I give them away a lot, especially to Mom's of toddlers.  

No ones complained yet.  And the best part, this little towel only cost me about 45 cents!  Yes, that is right, not even a dollar.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.


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free pattern for hanging hand towel

Check out our post on how to add this fun recipe to your hanging towel.

How to Make a Hanging Dish Towel Pattern
Materials Needed
  • Hanging Dish Towel Pattern - Grab the download at the end of the post
  • Fabrics like washable cottons and cotton blends
  • Hand or Dish Towel
  • 1" button or snap
  • Thread

kitchen towel topper pattern  kitchen towel topper pattern

Step 1
Using your pattern piece, cut out 2 pieces in main fabric and 1 interfacing piece.  Take your hand towel and cut it in half.  

Press or stitch your interfacing to the wrong side of one of your towel topper pieces.

hanging kitchen towel patternhanging kitchen towel pattern

Step 2
Place your 2 towel toppers Right Sides Together (RST).  Stitch around the topper leaving the bottom straight edge open.  

Clip your corners and around your curved edges.

how to make hanging kitchen towels
Step 3
 Turn topper right side out and press.  Press the bottom edges ½” up towards the wrong side of the fabric

free pattern for hanging hand towel  Hanging Dish Towel Pattern

Step 4
Place gathering stitches along the top edge of your towel.  Pull gathering stitches until the towel is the same width as the topper.  Place towel inside topper and pin in place.  

Stitch across the towel topper, closing the opening and stitching the towel in place.

how to make dish towels that hang how to make dish towels that hang

Step 5
Fold the top edge of the topper over towards the front of the towel.  Find where you’d like to place your button and buttonhole.  Mark.  Stitch buttonhole.

Tip:  Your buttonhole should be ¼” wider then your button.

free pattern for handing dish towels  free pattern for handing dish towels

Step 6
Stitch button to topper.  Make sure the button is centered under the buttonhole.  Tie off the button at the back of the towel topper.

free pattern for hanging dish towels

There you have it.  A super quick and easy pattern for the holidays or just every day.  

I plan to make myself like 10 of these just for my kitchen.  And maybe a few for the bathrooms since those towels tend to end up on the floor.

Now, for the free pattern!  Simply click the button below and sign up to have the hanging towel pattern emailed to you.  

Want the Hanging Towel pattern along with a full step by step photo tutorial and none of the hassle?  Head to our Etsy Shop and get the Hanging Towel Pattern Bundle.  No need to access the internet each time you want to make your own.

Sew up a simple hanging dish towel to keep those towels from ending up on the floor.  Plus, you can download the free PDF pattern to make loads of hanging towels for holiday gifts.