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How to Organize Buttons

When you enjoy sewing and crafting as much as I do, you tend to collect supplies.  Like large amounts of fabric or vinyl or maybe a big collection of buttons.  Now, I have a lot of buttons but I don’t have nearly as many as I could have.  I try to keep my button collection small because it can get messy.  Today I wanted to share with you how to organize buttons. 

 Now if you have a crazy amount of buttons, this might not be the method for you.  But if you have a smallish collection of buttons like myself, you can totally use this method.  And since I don’t have a ton of buttons, I am able to keep them all together in one container.  Which is helpful in keeping track of those darn buttons.


How to Organize Buttons

Step 1
Find a cylinder shaped container with a lid.  Thinks like oatmeal containers, or the Pirouette wafer sticks.  I had a nice cardboard container that my new dish soap and hand soap dispensers came in from Grove Collaborative. 


Step 2
Cut a rectangular piece of vinyl that can wrap around the outside of your cylinder container.  You’ll want it to overlap just slightly.  For my container, I cut one giant piece and than sliced around the lid since my lid was so tall.  If you have a short lid, head to set 3.

Tip:  I actually cut mine out on my Cricut Maker.  Just added the dimensions and cut it out.
Step 3
Cut out a circle in vinyl that is the same size as the top of your lid.  If you have a short lid, you can cut your vinyl a bit larger than the top of you lid to cover those short sides as well.
Step 4
Cut out a fun quote or saying or image to put on the front of your cylinder.  I put “I Like BIG Buttons”.  You can get the cut file in Cricut Design Space.

Step 5
Fill your container with all your buttons.  

Yes, when you use your container you'll have to dump all those buttons out to find anything, but don't you usually have to dump them out anyway to find matching buttons.  (Good point, 'em I right?!)

Now you have this handy button container that you can display in your sewing or crafting room.  Plus, you now know how to organized those buttons fast and where to find them.