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FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week

Are your little ones full of imagination and creativity?  Mine have both in abundance.  

Which is wonderful and sometimes overwhelming.  But that is why I am so excited about this Superhero Cape pattern.

Grab this easy superhero cape pattern and dress up like all your favorite heroes.

For Christmas, I put together a fun Dress Up Box for the Little Miss.  It included all sorts of fun things, including several of the tutorials I have on the blog like the Anna Play Dress, Little Artist Palette, and the Cabbage Patch Clothes.  

I knew we needed some of our own Superhero capes.

superhero cape printable

First I had to decide on which superhero capes to make.  That was probably the hardest part. 

 But since our cape pattern is reversible, I knew I could get 4 superheros from just making 2 capes.  We decided on Superman, Batman, Captain America and Spiderman.  

free super cape pattern

And yes, I know they don't all have capes.  But for kids they HAVE to have capes.  

Lucky for you, we have a download for the Superhero Symbols just for you!!!  We have them both in PDF form and SVG form if you want to use your cutting machine.  {See how I applique using my Cricut Maker here.}

superhero cape template printable

Superhero Cape Pattern

Materials Needed:
  • Superhero Cape Pattern and tutorial - get for free at the end of the post
  • 1/2 yard cotton fabric
  • 1/2 yard lining fabric
  • Felt for applique - blue, red, white and black
  • Velcro
  • Thread

printable superhero cape pattern
Step 1
Cut out the cape pattern on the fold in 2 different colors.  (The neck piece will need to be cut and than reattached and sewn to the cape.

printable superhero cape pattern   superhero cape pattern
Step 2
Cut out your symbols.  Place symbol appliques onto center of one layer of the cape and stitch in place.  Stitch each layer of the symbol separately for the best look.

superhero cape printable
 Step 3
Stitch the two cape pieces together, leaving an opening on the straight edge at the bottom.

free super cape pattern
 Step 4
Turn the cape right side out and iron.

superhero cape template printable

Step 5
Topstitch all the way around the cape.

superhero cape pattern
Step 6
Sew 2 pieces of Velcro to the inside of the neck pieces on the cape.

superhero cape pattern
Step 7
Iron cape.

Now you are ready to fly!  Or at least run around crazy and try to save the world.

FREE Superhero Capes for Make Believe Week @ GYCT  

Want the free Superhero Cap Pattern and cut files?  Simply click the link below to download.

Grab this easy superhero cape pattern and dress up like all your favorite heroes.