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How to Fix a Ripped Pillow

I don't know about you, but we have a TON of pillows on our couches.  Seeing as we've got 3 kids and tons of cousins, they don't always hold up well.  One of our pillows has had a huge hole in it for months.  Today I finally tackled that project and fixed the rip in the pillow.

How to fix a ripped pillow seam

It is a pretty big rip.  But I knew I could easily fix it with a needle and thread and using a slip stitch.  The slip stitch is probably my most favorite hand stitch.  I use it often to hem garments or in the this post where I hand sew a dress lining.  It is the perfect stitch for a ripped pillow seam because you can't really see it.  

Pillow with large hole in the side

I put together a little video to show you how fast it is to fix.  And if I remember this myself, perhaps I won't take 3 months to fix a ripped pillow seam again.

How to fix a ripped pillow seam