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How to Sew a Pillowcase with the Burrito Method

I enjoy creating custom gifts for friends and family.  Don't you feel special when someone creates something just for you?  

You get a fun gift with your family name or child's name and you know the maker created it just for you.  They took time to decided what you'd like and then personalized it just for you. 
How to sew a pillowcase using the burrito method or in other words, a burrito pillowcase.
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 Pillowcases are one of my favorite custom gifts to give.  You can find fabric that has the persons favorite character or fits into the colors of their room to make this easy burrito pillowcase pattern.

Today I want to teach you how to sew a pillowcase using the burrito method.

burrito pillowcase is actually very easy to make.  This method encases some of the seams for a really nice finish on the inside.  

Once you've tried the burrito method you won't want to sew a pillowcase any other way.  This is a little different than how to sew a standard pillowcase, but the dimensions are the same.

how to sew a pillowcase

First, let's answer a few questions people tend to have about sewing a pillowcase.

What is the size of a standard pillowcase?

The standard pillowcase is about 22" x 32".  This is a pillowcase that will fit a twin or full size pillow.

You can make this pillowcase pattern a bit larger for queen or king size pillows by adding a few inches to the length and width.  But the measurements in this pillowcase tutorial are for a standard pillow size.

how to sew a pillowcase

How much longer should a pillowcase be than the pillow?

Anytime you are sewing to cover up an item, you want to make sure there is enough room for some movement.

Typically, with a pillowcase, you'll want to be at least 2 inches wider than the pillow.  And at least 2-3 inches longer.  You can go less, but if you don't want that pillow peeking out, stick to the above measurements.

If you are wanting to make your own pillow, check out our popular pocket pillow pattern.

burrito method pillowcase

How to Sew a Pillowcase

Materials Needed

Check out the video at the top of the page if you want to see how I sew the pillowcase together.

pillowcase pattern
Step 1
Cut out your fabric as follows:
Main Fabric - 27" x 41"
Top Fabric - 9" x 41"
Trim Fabric - 2" x 41"

pillowcase tutorial
Step 2
Take your Trim Fabric and fold it in half lengthwise and press.  

Make sure you have a nice crease pressed.  This will make the pillowcase look really nice at the end.

pillowcase tutorial

burrito style pillowcase

Step 3
Line up the raw edges of the Trim Fabric to the Top Fabric.  

With right sides together, place the Main Fabric over the trim and top fabric. Pin across the 3 layers of the burrito pillowcase.  

Make sure those raw edges are matched well.  You don't want them peeking out on accident later.

how to make a burrito pillowcase
Step 4
Roll the Main Fabric up until it is in the middle of the Top Fabric.  This is where the burrito method comes in.

 You can see in the photo that the main fabric is sitting right in the middle of the top fabric.  This will help with the next step.

burrito pillowcase directions
Step 5
Fold the bottom edge of the Top Fabric and match it with the 3 pinned layers and re-pin to add the fourth layer.  

All those raw edges should be matched up and the main fabric is rolled in between all the layers.

burrito pillowcase directions  burrito pillowcase directions
Step 6
Stitch across the 4 layers so it makes a "burrito".  Carefully pull the inside of the burrito pillowcase out and turn the pillowcase right side out.

If you are a little confused right now, take a moment to check out this quick video tutorial.  You can watch as I sew up one of the pillowcases using the burrito method in the video on the page.  

burrito method pillowcaseburrito method pillowcase
Step 7
Once the burrito pillowcase is turned right side out press.  Fold the pillowcase in half matching the long sides.  

Stitch down the long side and across the bottom.

You can also use a french seam to finish off your pillowcase if you want all the seams enclosed.  Check this Dog Pillowcase to see how to sew a french seam.

burrito pillowcase pattern
Step 8
Clip the corners of your pillowcase.  Clip them right to the edge of the stitching but not through it.

how to sew a pillowcase
Step 9
Finish your raw edges with either Pinking Shears or another seam finish.  {Check out our Seam Finishes 101 post for more options.}

Tada!!  You have a quick pillowcase you can use as a gift.  But wait!  Let's make it even more special.

how to sew a pillowcase

Everyone loves a fun pillowcase with their name on it.  Just so no one else in the house can claim it as their own. 

With just a bit of HTV Vinyl you can add a name and personalize this fun pillowcase. 

how to sew a pillowcase

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How to create a custom pillowcase using the burrito method or in other words, a burrito pillowcase.