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Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

I love to sew.  I've been sewing for more than 18 years.  

I have a lot of tools, fabric and equipment to help make my sewing faster, cleaner and easier.

What I never realized I was missing in that time was a cutting machine.

A great gift guide for Cricut users, especially those who enjoy sewing or want new tools to sew with. #ad #cricutcreated
This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend.  I do make a portion off any you may purchase.  See full disclosure here.

That's right!  If you sew, I highly recommend grabbing yourself the Cricut Maker machine.

Not only is it great for any crafting project, but with the Cricut Maker you can cut fabric including cotton, felt, fleece, denim, leathers and so much more.

If you don't know all about the Cricut Maker, make sure to check out our post.

If you already know about the Maker and just aren't sure where to go from here.  Or maybe what Cricut tools can help you sew faster and more efficient, let me share with you my Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists.

You don't need a Cricut Maker to be successful at sewing.  But let me tell you, sewing with my Cricut has become a lot more exciting and inspiring.

Want to learn how to sew?  Check out our free Sewing 101 course.

A great gift guide for Cricut users, especially those who enjoy sewing or want new tools to sew with. #ad #cricutcreated

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
1. Cricut Maker
Any Cricut cutting machine is a great investment.  But if your budget can allow for the Cricut Maker, that is my first suggestion.

For sewists, you want a machine that can cut any fabric.  And the maker not only can cut fabric but with the help of the Rotary Blade, can cut that fabric clean and efficiently.

I've had my Maker for almost 2 years and have created and sewn lots of sewing projects with the help of my Maker

Cricut EasyPress Mini
2. Cricut EasyPress Mini
The Mini is brand new and I'll admit, my new favorite tool from Cricut.  I use it for almost any project these days.

Why?  The EasyPress Mini is small and fits right next to my sewing machine.  I can press seams for small projects quickly and without leaving my seat.  To me that saves a LOT of time.

I use the Cricut EasyPress Mats as my ironing board and simply press as I go right next to my machine.  See the EasyPress Mini in action in this quick applique towel project.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists

3.  Yearly Subscription to Cricut Access
Having a Cricut Maker is amazing.  But having Cricut Access is even more amazing!

If you want access to over 100,000 images, projects and loads of inspiration, you want Cricut Access.

I can't tell you how many times I've hopped on my Cricut Access to cut out a spider for a Halloween project, cut a couple of squares or circles for a sewing project or to find an image for a last minute tshirt.

Yes, I can make my own cut files or download them from Etsy.  But having access to all those projects right away, makes a big difference.

Plus, you get a 10% discount on any products you buy from Cricut online as well.  Even when they are running a sale!!

Now, I know you are wondering about sewing projects.  YES!!  Cricut Access has many sewing projects included in the subscription price from accessories to toys to quilts and more.

They also have for purchase sewing projects from Simplicity and Riley Blake. 

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
If you aren't familiar with Cricut cutting machines, there are several different cutting mats for different types of projects.  Each mat has a different stickiness based on what type of material it will hold.  Check out our Guide to the Cricut Cutting Mats to learn about all the different mats.

For sewists like us, we need the Pink FabricGrip Mat.  This mat is designed specifically for fabrics.  That means the adhesive won't stay attached to the material.  That's important!

As with any sewing project, you'll have lots of small fibers left on the mat (and probably your sewing table).  Luckily, you can clean the Cricut mats.  Learn how to clean the pink mat so it will last longer.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
5.  Rotary Blade
When you sew, you NEED a rotary blade.  The Cricut Rotary Blade just makes all that cutting faster, cleaner and less stress on your body.

Most sewists use a rotary cutter to cut out shapes like squares, rectangles and triangles.  Or maybe to make a nice straight line for a hem.

But the Cricut Rotary Blade can cut even the smallest project out cleanly and fast.

Need an example?  How about these tiny felt Christmas ornaments.  Cut out using the Rotary Blade.  Or this fabric basket.  Also cut out with the Rotary Blade.

I can't tell you how many sewing projects I've cut out with my Cricut Maker.  It makes cutting so much easier for me.

Want to know more about the Rotary Blade?  Check out our post All About the Rotary Blade.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
6.  Knife Blade
You wouldn't think of a knife blade and sewing would go together.  However, I really use my knife blade for lots of projects.

The Knife Blade cuts through leather, faux leather, chipboard and so many more materials.  You can learn all about the Knife Blade in this post.

Granted, you don't use the Knife Blade to cut a sewing project.  But you can use it to make LOADS of accessories including leather earrings, hats, and hair accessories.

Cricut also has a great selection of Faux Leather that you can use to sew.  Like this faux leather vest I made for my son.

As you can see, the Knife Blade is a must for any sewist.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
7.  Rotary Cutter, Acrylic Ruler and Self Healing Mat
Want to know one thing I never had but didn't know I needed?  The Cricut 12 x 24" Acrylic Ruler.

I'm not lying, this thing is AMAZING.  If you plan to sew with the help of your Cricut Maker, you'll want one.

Because it is 12 x 24" you can cut your fabric to fit your pink cutting mat perfectly.  You can cut several layers of fabric out and get them ready for making a quilt or cutting out several of the same design.

I really like Cricut Self-Healing mats.  They come in lots of sizes and colors.  I personally have 4 different self-healing mats just from Cricut.  They are nice quality and a good price.  

Lastly, the rotary cutter is a good size and works great on fabrics and I even use it on my Cricut cutting mats for vinyl cutting.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
8.  Cricut Sewing Kit
I'll admit I am a bit of a sewing tools snob. I have sewing tools I think every sewist needs and I have products that I can't live without.

Cricut has put together a nice beginner sewing kit that is perfect for the average sewist.  You get a fun pink measuring tape, little snips, a rotary cutter, seam ripper (which we all know you need like 100 of), and scissors.  You also get pins and a pin cushion.

It all comes together in a package and would make a great gift for a beginner sewist.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists

9.  Infusible Ink
Let me just say that Infusible Ink is a really cool product and a great way to get a design onto polyester fabrics.

It is best to use the designs on 100% polyester material.  That is why Cricut has their Infusible Ink Tshirts, Totes and Coaster.  I recently used this Buffalo Plaid Infusible Ink in a kitchen gift set project.
It turned out really cute and such a nice handmade gift for my family members.

You can also create your own hand drawn (or Cricut drawn) designs with the Infusible Ink Pens.  These give you a bit more of a creative outlet and you can than press the design onto your polyester material.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
10. Iron-On Vinyl
I know what you are thinking, Iron-On vinyl isn't used for sewing.  You'd be correct.

However, I can't tell you how many times I have used Everyday Iron-On on a finished sewing project.  From seasonal pillows for my front porch to quilted wall hangings to making custom fabric designs when the store doesn't have what I want.

If you want more design opportunity in your fabric selection, Cricut iron-on products give you that.

They also have Mesh and Patterned Iron On designs.  Both can add a fun element to your clothing and home sewing projects.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists
11.  Cricut Felt Packs 
I use a LOT of felt in my sewing projects.  Especially around the holidays.  One thing I really love about the Cricut felt packs is that they are a nice stiff felt. 

If you plan to use felt in your Cricut sewing projects, make sure that you always pick a stiff felt.  I cut my felt with the Rotary Blade, but you can also cut it with the deep cut blade.  Check out our post on  how to cut out felt ornaments with your Cricut.

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewists

Other Cricut products

If you are like me, maybe you never had a cutting machine before you picked up the Cricut Maker for help in your sewing room.  No problem.

I've put together a list of a couple other beginner products you'll want to make sure to grab as well.  These will help you on your journey for learning how to use your Cricut for other types of projects.

  • TrueControl Knife - If you like to have a hand held blade to cut paper, patterns or felt.  I recommend the TrueControl Knife.  It works great and changing the blade is SO easy!
  • Cutting Ruler - This is a heavy duty ruler that works great as a weight as well as a ruler.  It also has a lip on one side that makes cutting with a rotary cutter safer.
  • Washable Fabric Pen - Draw any design on your fabric with your cutting machine and it will wash right off.  Imagine how much easier doing a hand embroidery project would be if you didn't have to draw it yourself.
A great gift guide for Cricut users, especially those who enjoy sewing or want new tools to sew with. #ad #cricutcreated

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  1. Thank you for this! I splurged and bought a Cricut Maker bundle on a pre-Thanksgiving sale and then panicked because I am a sewer and not much of a paper crafter or t-shirt designer. Seeing all these great ideas for sewing is a huge help to calm my fears! My daughter will enjoy this machine, too so I really shouldn't panic! Looking forward to re-reading this in detail and making fun things with my Cricut!


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