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An Easy Personalized Kitchen Gift Set + Cricut Maker

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Growing up around our home you could often hear us say, "That there's an RV, Clark".

Or maybe "Fragile.  Must be Italian!"

We love our family traditions.  From movies we've watched every holiday season since we could remember.  To the tasty treats we made from Grandma's best recipes.

I've been craving the simplicity of my childhood this year.  Wanting the innocence, the nostalgia.  And with that, I wanted to capture those feelings in some easy Christmas gifts for my family.

Make this holiday special with these easy Christmas gifts using your cutting machine.
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I guess you could say I wanted to find that fun, old fashion family Christmas. 

You know the one.  Together as a family you bake cookies and decorate them with cousins.  Licking the spoon when you think no one is looking.

Everyone singing carols as you drive around looking at Christmas lights while simultaneously fighting with your sister in the back seat.

Nights spent watching every Christmas movie your Mom taped on an old VHS.

creative diy christmas gifts

Those were the days!

The task at hand for me was figuring out how to capture those moments in a gift.

And since much of our holiday season revolves around the kitchen, I decided to that was where I would focus my gift giving.

easy handmade gifts

I put together some super simple but memorable Cricut gifts my siblings would love.

In fact, I love them so much I will probably have to make my own set.

Let me share how you can make your own personalized kitchen set for your loved ones this year.

Create your own easy christmas gifts with the help of your Cricut cutting machine

Easy Christmas Gifts with the Cricut Maker

easy homemade Christmas gifts
 Materials Needed

easy handmade gifts

First, let me just say I LOVE my Cricut Maker.  Not only do I use it for a ton of fabric crafts, but I can use it to cut out loads of different materials.  I've used in on 5 different easy Christmas gifts just in this post alone!

Plus, with the new perforation, debossing and engraving tips, there are so many more possibilities and materials to use the Maker with.

My favorite feature is how quickly you can go from cutting out fabric to cutting paper to engraving a project.  The quick release blade housing makes switching tools easy and quick.

If you want to learn even more about the Maker, check out our post All About the Cricut Maker.

Let me share with you each of the projects I made for this personalized kitchen gift set.

Simple Decorative Plate

Serving up some family time can be super rewarding and fun with decorative plates like this one.  Once all the food is gone, there's a fun "surprise" at the end in a quote or fun image.  

One big concern people have for using fun decorative plates is putting food on vinyl.  Let me share an easy trick to keep food safe and still have a fun plate.

Mirror your vinyl image in Design Space.  Cut it out on permanent vinyl.  Place it on the bottom of a clear plate or platter.  Now you have a fun vinyl design and it never touches food you will eat!
easy homemade Christmas gifts

Personalize Wooden Spoon

Cut out your family name or a fun quote and add it to the end of a wooden spoon with permanent vinyl.  Just make sure the wooden surface is well cleaned and there is no extra sawdust or your design won't stick.

easy handmade gifts

Perforated Cricut Holiday Surprise Card

The new Cricut perforation blade is pretty cool.  I leaves a nice perforated line across your paper for fun surprise tearing.

Cricut perforation blade

Using this blade I made a Christmas tree cut out on rectangle inside the card.  Under the cut I placed a fun photo of my siblings.  When they open the card they can tear open the tree and see the present underneath.

easy homemade Christmas gifts  easy homemade Christmas gifts   

Just a fun way to share a simple Christmas memory.  You can get this card project for free in Cricut Design Space.

Handmade Infusible Ink Coasters 

One of the easy Christmas gifts I was most excited to make were these handmade Infusible Ink coasters.

If you aren't familiar with Infusible Ink, you need to go check it out!

This product is so fun to use and actually very easy.  Let me show you how easy.

easy handmade gifts  easy handmade gifts

I started by designing some fun coasters with my Yearly Cricut Access Subscription.  You can get the files for yourself here.

Next, place your Infusible Ink right side up on the cutting mat.  Simply peel away the extra and your are ready to press.

cricut christmas gift ideas  cricut christmas gift ideas

When you are deciding what to press your Infusible Ink to, make sure it has Polyester.  It won't work otherwise.

I got my square coasters from Cricut.  

Simply place your design on the coaster, press at 400° for 60 seconds.  The temperature and time will vary depending on your material.

Let it cool and peel off the design.

easy homemade Christmas gifts

I love how vibrant the colors are.  Plus, since they are infused into the project, they won't come off.  They can be washed with a rag. 

I created designs that would resonate with my family.  You could do the same with fun quotes, monograms or images to make your own personalized coasters.  

Want my same images?  Grab them in Cricut Design Space

DIY Hanging Towel with Recipe

One of my go to projects every holiday season are these simple hanging towels.  You simply need a towel and a bit of fabric.  It is a very basic sewing project.  Check out this post for the free hanging towel pattern and tutorial.

cricut christmas gift ideas
For this project, I added a band on the bottom of the blank towel.  That way I had a little more color and I just love the look.  

easy christmas gifts

Next, I used Cricut Design Space to create my Grandmother's sugar cookie recipe.  This is the recipe our family has used FOREVER to make Christmas cookies.

It is the same recipe I use with my own children.

I cut out the project in Iron-On Vinyl, weeded it and pressed it to the towel with my Cricut EasyPress 2 size 6" x 7".  

easy homemade Christmas gifts
I absolutely love how it came out.  It will look great hanging up in everyone's kitchen.  Plus, it is seasonal so they can look forward to pulling it during the holidays.

And if they ever forget the recipe, BAM!  Just look at the towel.

easy diy gifts

There you have it!  5 easy Christmas gifts using your Cricut Maker.  

I love that each gift has a reason and can be personal for each member of our family.

What will you make this holiday season?

Make this holiday special with these easy Christmas gifts using your cutting machine.

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  1. Such terrific ideas! I have never used infusible ink - do you think it could be used for the recipe on the towel? I would love to do something like that for my sisters.

    1. That would depend on what the towel is made of. Infusible Ink is best used on 100% polyester. Make sure to check the towels polyester content. If it has a high % of polyester, it should work, but make sure to test it out.


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