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Adorable Felt Unicorn Christmas Ornament Pattern and Cut File

"Mom, can we make some of our own Christmas decorations this year?"

If you know my 6 year old, you'd know she LOVES crafting and anything handmade.  She can't help herself.

Of course, being a crafting mom, I couldn't tell her no.  Instead, I had to do some brainstorming on what we could make.

Sew your own felt diy unicorn ornament with this simple tutorial and PDF sewing pattern or SVG cut file.
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It didn't take me long to realize that this ornament needed to be unicorn inspired.  I mean we are talking about the girl that had to have a unicorn birthday party and had to have unicorn Valentine's for her entire class.

After a looking around I decided the best project would be to make a felt diy unicorn ornament.

I mean not only are they adorable, but this ornament could use both the sewing machine and a bit of hand sewing.

diy unicorn ornament

Or, if we wanted things to go faster, we could just use fabric glue to attach all the pieces together.

Which makes this a great project for both kids and adults.  You can adapt the pattern to fit whatever needs you might have.  

DIY Unicorn Ornament Cut File and Sewing Pattern

Materials Needed
free felt ornament patterns
Step 1
Download the felt unicorn SVG cut file or sewing pattern at the end of the post.  Upload the SVG to Cricut Design Space. 

Cut out designs in the 4 felt colors.  If you are using the Cricut Maker, you have two choices.  You can cut it out in felt using the deep cut blade.  

Or you can cut it out as fleece using the rotary blade.  I've found I like using the fleece setting.

If you don't have a cutting machine, cut out the sewing pattern pieces using small fabric scissors for the best results.

diy unicorn ornament  diy unicorn ornament
Step 2
Use the adhesive spray to temporarily set the unicorn hair on both layers.  Also use it to adhere the nose to the unicorn and the three layers of the tail 

free felt ornament patterns
 Step 3
Stitch the three layers of the unicorn tail together.  Make sure to change thread color between the layers.

Stitch the unicorn hair to the top of the head on both layers.

Stitch the nose down across the top, you can leave the bottom open.

felt unicorn
Step 4
Stitch the two unicorn horn layers together.

felt unicorn
Step 5
Tack the two sections of the ivy together to look like a bow on the unicorn.  If you use a red thread it will look like holly.  (I forgot the first time and use white thread.)

unicorn ornament diy
Step 6
Place the front and back pieces together.  Use a blanket stitch to stitch the two pieces together.

felt unicorn
 Step 7
Add the Poly-Fiberfil.  I found that sewing one section and then adding the fiberfil was the easiest way instead of waiting until the end.
diy unicorn ornament
 Step 8
Poke a small hole where you want the eye to go on your felt unicorn.  Slide the animal eye carefully.  You can also add adhesive spray to the eye to help it stay in place.

unicorn ornament diy

Now isn't that the cutest little DIY unicorn ornament you've ever seen?

Want the free PDF sewing pattern pieces or the SVG cut files?  Just click the buttons below and download them right to your device.


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Sew your own felt diy unicorn ornament with this simple tutorial and PDF sewing pattern or SVG cut file.

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