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All About the Cricut Knife Blade

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut.  The opinions and text are all mine.

I've had my Cricut Knife Blade for about 6 months now.  It is pretty incredible and can help make projects I personally never dreamed I would ever try before.  

In the past 6 months I've made so many projects using my Knife Blade that I would never have thought to create before.  It is time saving, money saving and just plain fun to be this creative.
Learn all about the Cricut Knife Blade made for the Cricut Maker machines
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    Perhaps you have been considering getting the Knife Blade.  Let me answer some of the questions that you might have been wondering about.

    All About the Cricut Knife Blade

    What is the Cricut Knife Blade?

    To understand the new Cricut Maker Knife Blade, you first need to know a little bit about the Cricut Maker.  

    The Cricut Maker is designed with an Adaptive Tool Set.  That means the cartridge inside the Maker includes a slot for a pen to draw and a slot for all the different Cricut cutting tools.  The Cricut Maker has a 360° spin that allows whatever blade attached to cut into curves, corners and sharp points.  Which is really incredible to watch and see the final results.

    So back to the Cricut Knife Blade.  This blade is steep and sharp and is designed to cut cleanly and accurately through whatever material you are using.  Because it is made for the Adaptive Tool Set, it can cut super fine corners, beautifully curved lines and leaves nice sharp points.
    All About the Cricut Knife Blade

    What materials can I use with the Cricut Knife Blade?

    The Knife Blade can be used for so many different types of materials and different weights of materials.  For instance, the Knife Blade can cut through:

    • Genuine Leather (tooling and garment leathers)
    • Faux Leather
    • Basswood - up to 1/16"
    • Balsa wood, up to 3/32"
    • Cricut Chipboard, 2mm
    • Matboard, 2-ply or 4-ply
    • Craftfoam, up to 3mm

    All About the Cricut Knife Blade

    I love that it cuts through woods and leathers.  I am glad that I don't have to use a hand blade, even the Cricut TruControl Knife, to cut.  Instead, I can design my idea in Cricut Design Space and send it straight to my Cricut Maker to cut.

    Some of my favorite uses for the Knife Blade are:

    1. Cutting intricate designs for various projects like how I cut out all these gears for a Steampunk Hat out of chipboard.
    2. Cutting out leather for cute earrings,  jewelry or hair accessories
    3. Making puzzles or 3D home decor
    4. Creating signs for the home, office or classroom 

    All About the Cricut Knife Blade

    What do I need to start using the Knife Blade?

    First, you need to purchase the Cricut Knife Blade.  It does not come with your purchase of the Cricut Maker but you will definitely want to buy one.

    You'll also need to make sure you have a purple StrongGrip Mat.  This is a must.  The thicker materials tend to move if not properly stuck down.  The StrongGrip Mat will keep them from shifting.  You can also use a bit of painters tape to keep them from moving.

    You might also consider grabbing a Knife Blade replacement kit.  Your blade will last through several uses, but the thicker the material the duller the blade becomes.  I just replaced my blade after about 6 months of use.  

    Cricut Knife Blade

    How do I use the Cricut Knife Blade?

    1. To start, you'll want to calibrate your machine for your Knife Blade.  It is really simple.  Place your Knife Blade in your machine.  Than head over to the Cricut Calibration Settings page and start the process.  It is quick and you'll be ready to cut in no time.
    2. Push the white rollers all the way to the right.  DO THIS!!  I've forgotten before.  It will leave lines down your materials.
    3. Place your material on the StrongGrip Mat.  You can tape down the sides for added support to ensure it won't move.
    4. Start your project.  
    5. Keep an eye on it to ensure it cuts correctly and hasn't moved.
    Many people don't realize (myself included) that the knife blade makes several passes during the cutting process.  That is how it makes such a clean and accurate cut.  So it could take a few minutes to cut out a project or maybe a couple of hours.  So make sure you have the time to check and make sure all is going well.
    Cricut Knife Blade

    I hope I was able to answer some of questions you might have had about the Cricut Knife Blade.  It is a great tool to add to your Cricut Maker.  You will love its many uses and how easy it is to create one of a kind projects.

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