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Spectacular and Free Patriotic Earring Cut Files

They were so heavy.  All I wanted to do was take them out, but I couldn't.


I loved them.  My earrings that is.

I loved to wear earrings but they really made my ears hurt.  I learned early in my ear piercing years that I had super sensitive ears.

Sensitive enough that most of the earrings I wore made my ears sore.  It really stunk.

Grab these free faux leather earring svg and png cut files and create your own 4th of July leather earrings.

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I could only wear really lightweight earrings.

That meant I spent most of my youth in studs or small diamond earrings.  No fun dangles or bangles.  Nope, just simple earrings.  And even some of these hurt my ears.

But then I discovered faux leather earrings.  It might have been the best day of my life.

earring svg cut files

For the first time, I could wear BIG earrings without want to chop my ears off after a couple of hours.  These faux leather earrings really dangle!!  But they are so lightweight you can barely feel them.

After making my first pair with the Cricut Maker about a year ago, I couldn't stop.

It has become quite the addiction.

Making your own leather earrings is so easy and quick.  Especially if you have a cutting machine.

4th of july leather earrings

Faux Leather Earring SVG

Making your own jewelry doesn't have to cost a fortune.  You can find inexpensive but great quality products online.  Etsy is a great place to search for faux leather.

Remember you can stock up for different holidays.  It is a good idea to buy several months before since stocks can get low fast.

Materials Needed

free earring cut file

The traditional teardrop shape earrings and probably the most downloaded.  But adding a fun twist like these start cutouts.

make your own leather earrings

Or you can try the leaf shaped earrings as well.  Layering these shapes makes a fun way to try different patterns and prints especially during the holidays.

faux leather earring svg

PLUS, they aren't heavy.  They are so lightweight even with 2 or 3 layers of leather.

faux leather earring svg

When you download the free SVG file you'll get the traditional teardrop and teardrop star cut out, leaf layers, stars and stripes cut outs and arrows.

Each of these cut outs could be used for everyday earrings or paired with holiday prints.

Free Patriotic Earring Cut File

To download the free faux leather earring svg, simply click the button below.

You can than download the files and start cutting.


Once you've made your first pair, you may never go back to regular earrings again.

And if you are like me, your ears will thank you.

This cut file comes as a free SVG cut file, but you can also grab the 4th of July earring SVG, PNG, JPEG, EPS and DXF in our Sew Simple Etsy shop.

Grab these free faux leather earring svg and png cut files and create your own 4th of July leather earrings.


  1. Can you cut these with the Explore Air 2?

    1. Use the deep cut blade and you can for sure!

  2. This fun and simple project may have just tipped the scales on my purchase of a cricut ;)


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