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30+ Sewing Patterns for Bags, Pouches, Purses and Wallets

When the school year starts, I start wanting to get sewing and making gifts for the holidays.  I love to make handmade gifts but it isn't always easy to figure out what to make other people.  

I personally have found that I love to find fun free sewing patterns for bags that I can gift to kids and adults alike.  

Looking to sew a purse, bag or pouch?  Check out this great list of over 30 free sewing patterns for bags, pouches, purses and wallets for kids and adults.  Great for gifts, birthdays or school.
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That's why I decided I needed to round up some great DIY purse patterns and bags.  

There are so many amazing bag patterns out their and I am sure that one of these will spark your interest and getting you wanting to sew.

Now I will admit, some of these patterns are not free, but they are still really great.

I decided to break this post into 3 lists:  bag patterns for kids, bag patterns for women and grandmas, and pouches and wallets.  

I hope you'll be able to find something just right for those on your list.  Or a bag you can carry all those important things in like your toddlers favorite cars.

Free sewing patterns for bags

Sewing Bag Patterns For the Kids

free tote bag patterns
This adorable project is perfect for the little cat lover and would be great for a trek to the library.

free tote bag patterns to download
Every preschooler needs a TMNT backpack and this one is the perfect size for that turtle lover.

free sewing patterns for bags
The school year might be in session, but a new backpack is always a good choice for your school age kiddo.

 bag patterns
Sewing patterns for bags don't get much easier than this.  Plus, this is a great beginner sewing project.

Make your little flower their own flower bag.

 bag patterns
If your little person needs a lunchbox and a backpack, this is a great pattern to grab.

Help that little one travel to grandma's house in style with this fun bag with pockets inside and outside.

Share your heart with this sweet and simple bag.

free tote bag patterns
Grab those library books and make this quick, reversible book bag.

Bag Sewing Patterns For Moms and Grandmas

free tote bag patterns to download
This beautiful purse pattern would be great for a night out or just headed to the store.

free sewing patterns for bags
Having the perfect bag to carry all those essentials is so important!!

 bag patterns
I love the shape of this beautiful tulip bag.  

Sewing patterns for bags are great, but patterns to organize those bags are even better.  Like this easy purse organizer that fits right inside your purse.

If you pack a lot, this tote might be just what you need.

Yep, you can make your own diaper bag to fill with all those important bag products, toys and essentials.

Headed to the grocery store?  Why not bring your own Reusable Grocery Bag.

free tote bag patterns
If you need something to haul all your essentials, plus the kids essentials, plus the dogs stuff, this one would be perfect.

free purse patterns
Take a trip to the beach and you won't have to worry about the sand anymore with this fun bag.  Just shake it out before you get in the car.

Even Mom's can use a cute backpack, especially if it is as darling as this one.

free fabric purse patterns
Little girls love to be like their Momma.  Why not make her a Mommy and Me bag that will make her smile.

Crossbody Purse from Sew Simple Home

Pouches and Wallets for the Entire Family

What does the fox say?  $$$$

These mini pouches would be perfect to hold that school lunch money or for a trip to the dollar store.

Mini Backpack Coin Pouch from Sew Simple Home
The perfect gift for holding all those coins.

This gorgeous clutch would impress anyone that might see it on your night out.
free fabric purse patterns
Hold all those pencils and pens in this sweet pouch so they don't ruin the inside of your purse.

I hope you found this list of free sewing patterns for bags (and not free bags) useful to you.  Now go get sewing!!

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Looking to sew a purse, bag or pouch?  Check out this great list of over 20 sewing patterns for bags, pouches, purses and wallets for kids and adults.  Great for gifts, birthdays or school.