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Make a Simple Boxed Bag - Free Pattern

When summer is coming to a close and school starts soon, I start thinking of projects to share that are most helpful school but also just helpful for life in general.  Projects that make organizing a backpack, desk or locker a little easier.  Or even keep the dresser, bathroom sink or home office a little more tidy.

That is why I am loving the new box pouch pattern we have out today!!

boxed bag
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    Not only is this project fast but it is really functional and can be used for a variety of household items to get organized.  Just think of all the items you can organized just by whipping up a couple of these cute boxed bags.

    In fact, I gave these two samples to my kids.  My daughter is using hers to keep all her little doll clothes in one place.  My son is using his for his Pok√©mon cards.  See!!  The sky is the limit on how you can get organized with these.

    Now let's get you sewing!

    box pouch

    VIDEO: How to Sew a Box Pouch

    Create your own boxed bag with this simple and free box pouch pattern.

    Simple Boxed Bag Sewing Tutorial

    Materials Needed

    boxed bag
    Step 1
    Print the pattern and use it to cut out the correct pieces for the Boxy Pouch in your main fabric, lining and interfacing.

    box zipper pouch
    Step 2
    Fold the tabs and handle lengthwise.  Stitch at a 1/4" down the long side.

    box pouch
    Step 3
    Turn the tabs and handle right side out using a safety pin.  Press well.

    boxed bag
    Step 4
    Cut one of the pieces in half to make the two tabs.  Set tabs and handle aside for now.

    boxy makeup bag pattern
    Step 5
    Place the optional batting face up on a flat surface.  Place the lining fabric right side up over the batting.  Place the zipper along the top matching the raw edges.  Place the main fabric wrong side up over the other layers.  Line up all the layers together along the top edge.

    Stitch along the top edge, sewing all the layers together.

    box pouch
    Step 6
    Open up the two layers on either side of the zipper so they lay flat.  Now you have in the middle the edges sewn to the zipper.  At the top and bottom, are the edges of the lining and main fabric that are not attached to the zipper.

    boxed bag
    Step 7
    Fold the free edge of the main fabric up to match with the opposite side of the zipper.  The one that is not sewn.  Fold the lining towards the other side of the zipper and match.  You'll now sew those layers together along the edge of the zipper.

    This can be a bit confusing, make sure to check out the YouTube Video at 11:45.

    box pouch pattern
    Step 8
    Open up the bag so that the zipper runs down the center of the bag.  It should look like a cross.

    pencil case sewing pattern free
    Step 9
    Unzip the zipper about 1".

    box pouch
    Step 10
    Take one of your tab pieces and fold it in half, matching the short sides.  Match the raw edges of the tab to the raw edges of the bag right along the zipper.  Pin in place.

    Repeat with the opposite side of the bag if you want two tabs.

    boxed bag
    Step 11
    Stitch 1/4" along the straight edge over each side of the zipper.  Cut off the extra edge of the zipper and tab.

    box pouch pattern
    Step 12
    Turn the bag right side out. 

    box zipper pouch
    Step 13
    Pick the side you want to place the handle.  Pin the handle from one side of the zipper side to the other on the right side of the bag.

    Optional:  Stitch a basting stitch over the edges of the handle to keep in place.

    box pouch

    boxed bag
    Step 14
    Turn the boxed bag inside out.  Match the diagonals of the box together.  Stitch along the straight edge.  Trim the excess fabric away to get rid of the bulk.

    Repeat step with the other 3 boxed corners.

    box pouch pattern
    Step 15
    Turn the bag right side out.  Press all the seams and along the edge of the zipper.

    boxed bag

    Now unzip that box bag and fold down the sides.  This makes for much easier access to whatever you might be storing inside.

    box zipper pouch

    When you are done, just zip it back up and you have a great way to travel and store makeup, toiletries, even craft supplies like markers and crayons.

    box pouch pattern

    Get the Pattern

    Want the boxed bag pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

    Create your own boxed bag with this simple and free box pouch pattern.


    1. Hi Chelsea. In step 14, did you mean to say turn the bag inside out?

    2. Hi Chelsea - thanks so much for this cute pattern! I’m making 4 of them right now. I’m using fusible interfacing rather than batting. Do I attach the interfacing to the top or the lining? Or does it matter? Thanks.


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