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Little Fabric Scripture Tote Tutorial & Pattern

My kids love to be independent.  They love to have their own space, their own books and of course their own bucket of trinkets.

That's why when I went to visit my sister-in-law a year ago and I saw that her kids each have their own bag to carry their church books I HAD to follow suit.
fabric tote bag tutorial
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Don't get me wrong.  I don't mind loading up a bag of books, pencils, papers, and old used tissues.  I hauled around my utility tote bag for years and loved it.  But let's be honest, it gets heavy and cumbersome real fast.

I also want to teach my kids a bit about responsibility and keeping track of their own items.  That's why I am excited to share this free fabric tote bag tutorial with you today.

tote bag tutorial free

Perhaps your kids need to learn to carry their own Sunday treasures as well.  Or you are just looking for a cute bag for them to have for dress up and play time.  Whatever your thoughts, you'll love this project.

Use this free fabric tote bag tutorial to sew a small scripture tote, book bag or little purse for your child.

Free Fabric Tote Bag Tutorial and Pattern

Materials Needed

scripture tote pattern
Step 1
Use the free fabric tote bag pattern at the end of the post to cut out your pieces.  

bible tote bag
Step 2
With Right Sides Together (RST), place the contrasting tote piece and main tote piece together along the top.  Stitch across the edge.

Repeat this step with the opposite bag front.

fabric tote bag tutorial
Step 3
Press a piece of fusible fleece to the wrong side of both the main tote pieces.

TIP:  If you don't have fusible fleece, you can cut out regular fleece and use a temporary adhesive spray to adhere it to the wrong side of the fabric.

Place the two front tote pieces with RST.  Stitch down the two side seams.  Ending at the small box cut out at the bottom.

book tote bag pattern
Step 4
Find the box corner.  Open it up.  Match the side seam and bottom seam.  It should look like the photo above.

Stitch across this line.

Repeat with opposite box.

free small tote bag pattern
Step 5
Fold one strap in half matching right sides and the long seam.  Stitch across the strap.

Repeat with other strap.

bible bag free pattern
Step 6
Use a safety pin to turn the straps right side out.  


small tote pattern
Step 7
Pin the straps to the outside of the tote.  Make sure they are evenly spaced.  One on the front of the bag and one on the back.

tote bag tutorial free
Step 8
With RST, place the main tote inside the lining.  Match the side seams.  Pin.

Stitch around the top of the bag.  Leaving a 3-4 inch opening in the center back of the back.

diy scripture case
Step 9
Turn the bag right side out through the 3-4 inch opening.  Press well.  Topstitch around the top of the bag to close the opening and finish off the bag.

Isn't that just the cutest little bag?!

Now you can use this fabric tote bag tutorial to make your own little bag.  Or scale the bag up for yourself.

I am looking forward to not having to carry such a large bag to church from now on.

how to make a scripture bag

Want the fabric tote bag pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

Use this free fabric tote bag tutorial to sew a small scripture tote, book bag or little purse for your child.

Use this free fabric tote bag tutorial to sew a small scripture tote, book bag or little purse for your child.

Use this free fabric tote bag tutorial to sew a small scripture tote, book bag or little purse for your child.


  1. Adorable bag! You are right that every kid deserves their own bag to pack and carry along their treasures! Thanks for the awesome pattern!

    1. You are so welcome. I hope you enjoy sewing some up.

  2. Annbenn@aol.comFriday, April 16, 2021

    Cute bag. However i wasn’t able to download any physical measurements ex. 8x8, 8x4 etc. The PDF file came through, but no measurements. Can you help. Thanks

    1. The pattern is only available for printing. It doesn't have measurements.

  3. What width seams did you use?

    1. All the seam allowances are 1/4" and included in the finished pattern measurements.

  4. you mentioned the seam allowance is included inthe finnished pattern measurements, but i dont' see those anywhere.

    1. The seam allowances are 1/4". Hope that helps

  5. I made two of these little bags and the pattern is easy to follow. fabulous thankyou so much for letting everyone have the free pattern


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