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30+ Cute and Free Girls Dress Patterns

Sewing for girls is really fun and rewarding.  At least it is at my house.

Anytime I sit down to create a fun sewing project, my daughter asks me what I am making for her.  Even if I am not making anything for her.

It is just assumed I guess.  

Giant list of easy and free girls dress patterns for infants to teens.

That makes the days that I actually am making something for her way more exciting.  She adores Mom made projects.  Her favorite...dresses.

I love to sew her new dresses each season or sometimes holidays.  That is why I love all these free girls dress patterns.

So many options, styles, colors and designs.  There is truly something for every little girl with these dresses.

I hope you'll find this list helpful as well.

Free Girls Dress Patterns

Each of these free girls dress projects come with either a tutorial or a free pattern.

Make sure to read through all the instructions before you try to sew any of them.  It will make the sewing process much faster and smoother.

Some of the projects are hacks for other patterns, but they are so great I couldn't not include them.

little girls dress patterns free

Many girls dress patterns require you to gather the skirt.  Check out our tutorial on how to sew gathers.

simple girls dress pattern

Love that puff sleeve?  Learn how to sew a puff sleeve in our tutorial.

toddler girl dress pattern

Some dresses require special occasion fabrics like silks and satins.  Here are some great tips and tricks for sewing with special occasion fabrics.

girls dress patterns free

Want to add some volume to that dress?  Make a simple tulle underskirt.

girls dress patterns free

girls dress patterns free

Looking for even more girls dress patterns?  Check out our guide to spring dress patterns for girls.

girls dress patterns free

girls dress patterns free

free girls dress sewing pattern

I hope this list of free girls sewing patterns inspired you to try something new.

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