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How to Make a Simple Tulle Underskirt

It twirls.  It flows.  It is so fluffy!  But how do they do it?

You know what I'm taking about.  Those beautiful little girl dresses with full skirts and loads of body.

It seems like it might be difficult to create this effect in your own sewing.  It's not hard!  Let's teach you how to make a tulle underskirt.

How to Make a Simple Tulle Underskirt by GYCT

Tulle underskirts are a great way to fancy up a dress.  It adds lots fullness to your dress without needing to much additional fabric.  

It's also a great way to add length to a dress that may be a little short.  Like on this high low dress

How to Make a Tulle Underskirt

The tulle adds a bit more length and a LOT of body.

For this tutorial, we are going to be sewing up Holly and Ivy Party Dress pattern.  If you don't have this pattern you can you can get it here.

How to Make a Tulle Underskirt

Step 1
Cut out an underskirt of lining fabric.  Sew it up as the directions say and then hem the skirt.  Next, measure the width of you skirt.  Mine was 30" across.  

How to Make a Tulle Underskirt

Step 2
Now, cut a long strip of tulle that is at least double the width of your skirt.  

You may cut more strips or longer strips if you want more fullness and gathering on your tulle.  I ended up cutting 2 strips of tulle that were 5 x 40" each.

How to Make a Tulle Underskirt
Step 3
Take your tulle and measure down 2" from the top.  Stitch a gathering stitch down the tulle at the 2" mark.  Gently pull your gathering stitches to gather your tulle.

How to Make a Tulle Underskirt

Step 4
Measure up between 1.5 - 2" from the bottom of your skirt and pin your tulle along the gathering stitch.  Make sure to pull the gathering stitches so that the tulle covers the entire length of the skirt.

How to Make a Tulle Underskirt

Step 5

Place your skirt and tulle in your sewing machine and stitch the tulle to the skirt along the gathering stitch.  

Now finish the skirt using the directions in the pattern.  Make sure the tulle skirt is underneath the main skirt .

How to Make a Tulle Underskirt

Making a simple tulle skirt adds so much to a fun dress like the Holly and Ivy.  Doesn't that tulle just add a little more character and it also gives it some fullness.  

We've been working all week to sew up the Holly and Ivy.  Here is what we have covered so far:

  1. Choosing Your Fabric and Tips for Sewing Special Occasion Fabrics, Cutting Out Your Pattern
  2. Sewing the Bodice (Steps 1-4)
  3.  Inserting Sleeves (Steps 6-13)
  4.  Tips for Sewing a Simple Tulle Underskirt (Steps 14-16)
  5. Making Skirt Gathers and Finishing (Steps 17-21)

Now that you know how to make a tulle skirt you can add them to all your favorite dresses.  You can also use the Holly and Ivy Pattern to make a fun ruffled petticoat for a dress.

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Follow this step by step tutorial on how to make a tulle skirt for underneath a dress or skirt.  A tulle skirt will add fullness and structure and is great for a twirly skirt.

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