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Free Girls Pinafore Pattern Tutorial

"But I want to be Golidlocks Mom!  Everyone else will be dress up but not me!!!" my 5 year old screamed at me as she ran to her room.

I felt horrible.  She wanted so bad to dress up for the fairy-tale ball they were having in Kindergarten but she didn't like anything in her closet or dress-up bin.

And naturally, the ball was in 2 days.  What was a momma going to do?
simple pinafore pattern free
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I started scrambling.  She wanted to be Goldilocks and wear a dress.  But what did Goldilocks look like exactly.

I searched google and Pinterest for ideas.  I finally decided to go with a simple pinafore pattern and a circle dress.

I also wanted it to be a usable outfit.  Not just for dress up or a costume.  And I didn't have time to go to the fabric store.  It would have to come from our stash of fabrics and upcycling.

pinafore dress pattern

Lucky for us, my mother had left us a large bin of my Grandmother's old clothing.  The plan was to make some fun lap blankets or quilts.  But as I rummaged through, I found this treasure of a button up top.

I remember my Grandmother wearing it.  And it had the prettiest embroidered flowers across the chest.  This would be the perfect pinafore fabric.

pinafore dress pattern

I knew I could easily make the pinafore pattern on the fly.  But for the circle skirt dress, I went ahead and grabbed the Mariposa Dress and Top from Peekaboo Pattern shop.  

Mostly because I love the shape of the bodice and I didn't have to measure the circle skirt.  Winning!

pinafore apron pattern free

I don't know about you, but we really love the final look of this simple pinafore pattern.  Let me show you how we made it.

Free Simple Pinafore Pattern Tutorial

Materials Needed
  • 1 Yard Main Fabric in Cottons or Non Stretch Fabric OR Upcycled Top
  • 1/2 Yard Lining Fabric
  • 2 Snaps or buttons
  • Matching Thread

This tutorial is for a size 5/6 Pinafore.  You can easily adapt it to fit your needs.  Just take your favorite dress pattern and use the measurements from the skirt to decide how much fabric you might need for the skirt. 

You'll also need a good measurement of the front bodice to draw out your pinafore front.

Cutting Chart

Pattern Piece
L x W
# to Cut
Pinafore Front
6" x 6.5 "
1 - Main Fabric
1 - Lining Fabric
Shoulder Straps
2.5" x 24"
2 – Main Fabric
2 - Lining Fabric
3" x 45"
1 - Main Fabric
1 - Lining Fabric
16” x 34”
1 - Main Fabric

pinafore apron pattern free
Step 1
Follow the cutting chart to cut out your pieces.

This top had a beautiful embroidery pattern on the front that I wanted to preserve and use for the front of the pinafore.

With Right Sides Together (RST), place the bodice front and lining together.  Stitch across the top.  Turn and press.

Do the same thing for the straps and their lining pieces.  Sew one of the long sides together.

pinafore apron pattern
Step 2
Open up the straps.  With Right Sides Together (RST), place the straps on either side of the bodice front.  Stitch to the bodice.

Turn the straps around and enclose the raw edges of the straps.

free pinafore dress pattern for toddler free pinafore dress pattern for toddler
Step 3
Sew the waistband to the bodice front.

Turn over and sew the lining waistband to the bodice.  Turn the waistband and lining down and press well.

girls pinafore dress pattern free pinafore pattern
Step 4
Gather the top of your skirt with a gathering stitch.

simple pinafore pattern free
Step 5
Stitch the skirt to the main waistband piece.

upcycle pinafore
Step 6
Turn the waistband lining down and fold the raw edge under.

Stitch the waistband closed.

pinafore dress pattern
Step 7
Take the straps and criss-cross them across the back.  Find the edge of the skirt and add snaps to the waistband and the straps.

You did it!!

Isn't that just the most adorable little pinafore?!

It fits nicely over most dresses and would be perfect as a fun Easter outfit too.

She was the happiest red-headed Goldilocks there ever was.  SO glad I can create adorable outfits for her.

upcycle pinafore

And the best part of this simple pinafore pattern is that it twirls!

Paired with the  Mariposa Dress and Top from Peekaboo Pattern shop this little girl can't stop twirling.

simple pinafore pattern free

Now go make your own!!  And don't forget to join our Facebook community and share your finished pinafores.

Sew your own simple pinafore pattern with this step by step tutorial and simple photos to follow.  Sew your own simple pinafore pattern with this step by step tutorial and simple photos to follow.


  1. This is one of my favorite pinafores and I like that you don't have to print and cut a pattern. I do have a couple of questions that you can probably answer off the top of your head.
    1. Did you add a seam allowance to the pieces showing in the cutting chart above? If you didn't, what would be a good seam allowance to add.
    2. If you did add a seam allowance, what might that be?
    Since you created this lovely pinafore, and then wrote a very comprehemsive tutorial with pictures as you go and a cutting chart, I should try to figure this part out. As a newbie though, I don't want to get this wrong. If you could provide this little tidbit, I would be so grateful. Thank you the tutorial and for your assistance.

    1. It includes the 3/8" seam allowance in the measurements. Can't wait to see what you create!


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