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Girls Sleepyhead Nightgown Sewing Pattern

As a young girl, one of my favorite memories is going up to my Dad in the evening and asking if I could wear one of his t-shirts for a nightgown to bed.

My sisters and I would get so excited when he'd say yes and we'd dance around the house like princesses in our XL t-shirts.

Of course, as we grew that became a bit harder and we changed our sights from Dad's baggy tees to girls nightgowns.

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There is something simple and sweet about a nightgown.  I mean come on.  It is like wearing a dress to bed.  I prefer pj tops and bottoms for myself, but my daughter loves nightgowns.

She loves them so much I had to draft a simple girls nightgown pattern to accommodate all the seasonal requests. 

And yes, she requests a new one every month or so.  Now we have the Sleepyhead Nightgown pattern to fill those requests.

girls nightgown pattern

Since my daughter is always in need of a new nightgown {because she won't listen to me and stop growing}, I figured your little one is probably ignoring your requests to stop growing as well.  That means you'll need this pattern too.

It comes in sizes 12 months to 12 years with a long sleeve for the cool or snowy days.  We are quite content with this adorable pattern and I am certain you will be as well.

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Simple and free girls nightgown pattern for ages 12 month to 12 years with full photo tutorial.

Free Girls Nightgown Pattern Tutorial

Materials Needed

**Pattern uses a 3/8" seam allowance

girls nightgown pattern

 Step 1 

With Right Sides Together (RST), match the sleeve and the bodice front.  Stitch sleeve to bodice.

girls nightgown pattern girls nightgown pattern
Step 2
With RST, match the same sleeve with the bodice back.  Stitch sleeve to back.
Repeat with opposite sleeve.  

nightgown pattern

Step 3
Turn bodice so that right sides are together.  Match side seams and sleeves.  Stitch down the side seam.  Repeat with opposite side.

nightgown pattern
Step 4 
To finish the hem of the sleeve, fold the edge of the sleeve up ½” and pin in place.  Stitch around using your double needle or a zig zag stitch.  

Repeat with opposite sleeve.  Press.

nightgown sewing pattern
Step 5

With RST, fold neckband in half matching the short sides.  Stitch down the short sides.  

Fold the neckband down so that wrong sides are touching and you now have a circular band.  Press

free nightgown pattern
Step 6

With RST, place neckband over neck edge of the top.  Match the seam of the neckband to one of the back bodice seams. 

Find the middle of the neckband and match it to the opposite front seam.  Pin rest of neckband in place.  

You may need to stretch the neckband slightly as you pin for it to fit properly.  Stitch neckband to shirt.

free nightgown pattern
Step 7
Turn neckband up and press with iron.  Using your double needle or zig-zag stitch, topstitch around the neckband.

girls nightgown pattern
Step 8
Turn the bottom edge of the bodice up ½” towards the wrong side of the fabric and press.  

Using your double needle, zig zag or stretch stitch, topstitch around the hem of the bodice.  Press.

girls nightgown pattern

I love this girls nightgown pattern because it is so quick to make.  I can make several in the time it would take me to make pj tops and bottoms.

Want the free sleepyhead pattern pieces?  Simply click the button below to sign up for our free newsletter and download the pattern pieces to your device.

If you loved that.  You will love that you can make this adorable nightgown into a fun holiday nightie too!

We've got a free reindeer applique to apply to your nightgown or get one of our other fun Christmas cut files.

holiday girls nightgown pattern

Simple and free girls nightgown pattern for ages 12 month to 12 years with full photo tutorial.

Simple and free girls nightgown pattern for ages 12 month to 12 years with full photo tutorial.  Perfect for holiday appliques and cut files.

Simple and free girls nightgown pattern for ages 12 month to 12 years with full photo tutorial.  Perfect for holiday appliques and cut files.


  1. Hi. Thanks for this free pattern! I got a little lost in step 6. How is the neckband supposed to be folded so that it finishes nicely? I thought I was following along properly, but my neckband has a raw edge at the top... Thanks!

    1. Yes, you fold it in half, matching the raw edges in the second part of step 5.

  2. I'm new to sewing garments. Could I use flannel with this pattern or will it not have enough give?

    1. This one is made specifically to fit over the head with knit fabrics. You could adapt it by adding an opening at the neckline and along the back for it to fit over a child's head and close in the back, but otherwise it will not work for flannels.


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