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Holly & Ivy Crossover Skirt and Ruffle Petticoat Tutorial

I so love making holiday dresses for my little one.  Last Easter is when I first started working on the Holly and Ivy Party Dress.  The first draft was my daughters Easter dress.  The Holly and Ivy Party Dress has a fun sweetheart neckline option and I decided to add a ruffle petticoat to it.

Girls Skirt and Ruffle Petticoat in floral fabrics

Finally, today I want to share it with you.  All you need is either the Holly and Ivy Party Dress or your favorite dress pattern.

Little Girl in dress with Ruffle Petticoat in floral fabrics
 Today's free tutorial is making the skirt to attach to your favorite bodice top.  This bodice top is the sweetheart neckline and the gathered puff sleeve from the Holly and Ivy Party Dress.  For the skirt, you'll just need the measurements given in your pattern.  

Materials Needed
Fabric for Ruffle Underskirt
Ruffles - I used eyelet 
Fabric for Overskirt

Step 1
Take the front layer of your underskirt.  Pin the bottom layer of ruffles across the skirt.  Stitch in place.  Continue until you have enough layers to cover the entire skirt fronts.

Partial ruffled petticoat

Partial ruffled petticoat

Step 2
With right sides together, place the back skirt over the front skirt.  Stitch down the side seams.  Hem the bottom of the skirt.
Partial ruffled petticoat

Step 3
For the overskirt, cut out one back piece as the rectangle.  For the front you'll want to cut 2 front pieces.  Cut a rounded edge from the top to the hem on both pieces.  Enough that will allow the two pieces to overlap slightly.

Skirt being hemmed

Step 4
Sew the front pieces to the back piece.  Hem the skirt by folding up 1/4" and then another 1/2".
Skirt pattern being hemmed

Step 5
Place the front skirt around the underskirt and pin around the top.  Stitch two rows of gathering stitches through the two skirts.  

Skirt and Ruffle Petticoat sewn together

Step 6
Place the finished bodice top and skirt next to one another.  Pull the gathering stitches until the skirt is the same width as the bodice.

Dress bodice being sewn to Skirt and Ruffle Petticoat

Step 7
Turn the bodice wrong side out and match the top of the skirt to the raw edge of the bodice.  Stitch the bodice to the skirt.

Dress bodice being sewn to Skirt and Ruffle Petticoat

TADA!!  You are done.  Simple addition to your Holly and Ivy Party Dress.  A fun twist to the dress but still very classic.  I love a good underskirt.  If you don't like the ruffled petticoat, check out how to make a tulle underskirt.

Girl dress with Ruffle Petticoat in floral fabrics

My Little Miss sure loved it.  And we got so many compliments.  

Little Girl in dress with Ruffle Petticoat in floral fabrics

If you haven't grabbed the pattern yet, you can get it in our Sew Simple Home Shop

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