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Ice Queen Play Dress Tutorial + Free Icicle Cut Files

Dress up is always a happy time out our house.  Between my 7 year old daughter and 3 year old son, we are constantly pretending to be one character or another.

With the release of the latest Frozen movie, we naturally have all been dancing around the house singing at the top of our lungs.  It was inevitable that a request for an ice queen outfit would happen.

sew elsa costume
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My daughter has always loved Frozen.  From the time we made her a Princess Anna dress to outfits she wore on our Disney vacation.

All three of my children have been requesting dress up clothes.  I wanted to make this outfit very easy since I have several other outfits on my list to make as well.

That is why I decided to use our free girls peasant dress pattern as my base.  I can whip out outfits in no time and it is a great pattern that grows with my daughter.  Just add some extra length and she can wear it for several years.

frozen elsa costume diy

To make the dress more authentic, I decided to create some icicle designs based on the Frozen II outfits.  I think they add something very special to the outfit and make it more than just a little dress up costume.

It is also made with cottons and can be easily washed.

Let me share with you how to make a Queen Elsa costume.

DIY elsa costume

How to Make a Queen Elsa Costume


Materials Needed

elsa costume toddler diy
Step 1
Follow the directions for the free girls gathered peasant dress to make the bodice top and the skirt.  It has the pattern pieces and cutting directions.

Make a skirt of main fabric and a longer skirt that is split in front with the organza fabric.  Use a gathering stitch to gather the two skirts together.

how to make an easy elsa costume
 Step 2
With Right Sides Together (RST), place the bodice and skirts together.  Pin.

Stitch around the circle to attach the skirt to the bodice.

how to make a princess elsa dress
 Step 3
Turn the skirt right side out and press.

frozen halloween costume diy  how to make a queen elsa costume
 Step 4
Cut out the free icicle cut files in a shimmer or glitter iron-on vinyl.  Weed the designs,

frozen elsa costume diy  frozen elsa costume diy
Step 5
Press the smallest icicle design to the sleeve and the biggest to the center front of the bodice.

sew elsa costume
 Step 6
Cut out 6-8 long thin icicles.  Space them equally around the base of the skirt.  Press.

frozen halloween costume diy

You are all done!!  

She is going to be the prettiest little ice queen.  This is another great addition to her dress up bin.

how to make a queen elsa costume

The best part about all this is not only will it fit my daughter, but my toddler son will be excited too.  He doesn't mind a good princess dress and that makes this momma smile.

Want the free girls peasant dress?  Click the PDF button below.  Want the free icicle cut files?  Click the SVG button below.


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