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40+ Amazing Cricut Craft Project Ideas

Do you have a Cricut?  Perhaps you looking for some inspiration.

You've come to the right place!

Sharing Cricut projects is what makes crafting so fun.  We can be inspired by one another's Cricut project ideas and than create our own.

Great list of cricut project ideas for cutting materials like paper, vinyl, htv, fabric and infusible ink.
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Because there are so many different types of Cricut machines, this post will be sharing 5 categories of Cricut craft ideas:  paper, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, fabric and infusible ink.

All categories can be used on all Cricut machines.  However, many of the fabric crafts are best made with the Cricut Maker.

If you don't know about the maker, check out this post all about the Cricut Maker.  Should answer many of your questions.

As I've played with and learned about my Cricut cutting machine, I've learned there are SO MANY Cricut cutting materials.  If you don't like one, try something else.

Get creative.  Don't be afraid to try a new type of paper or a different fabric.  Experiment and than always share.

That is why having a Cricut cutting machine is so great.  The Cricut community is always willing to share their creations.

Cricut Paper Crafting Ideas

For many Cricut crafters, crafting starts with learn to cut paper projects.

I am always amazed at some of the gorgeous, creative and simple paper projects others have created.  Just like many of these paper crafts.

cricut craft ideas

cricut crafts

Vinyl Craft Projects

Cricut makes vinyl projects so fast and fun.  Even if you aren't a designer yourself. 

With the help of Cricut Access, you can create SO many amazing designs and projects with just the click of a button.

cricut craft ideas

cricut projects for beginners

Heat Transfer Project Ideas

Heat transfer vinyl or iron-on vinyls make crafting so much more versatile.  Not only can you create fun designs but you can add them to fabrics, fibers, wood, canvas and paper.

The sky is truly the limit!  Plus, with just an iron or one of the many sizes of Cricut EasyPress you can easily apply your vinyl.

Learn all about the Cricut EasyPress and see the temperature guide.

cricut project ideas

cricut crafts

Cricut Fabric Crafts

Cutting fabrics and fibers with the Cricut is much easier than you might think.  To make most of the projects below, make sure to check out the Cricut Maker.

You'll also want to learn all about the Cricut Rotary Blade and the Cricut Knife Blade for working with leather.

cricut projects for beginners

cricut project ideas

Like what you see?  Check out even more great Cricut sewing projects.

Cricut Infusible Ink Projects

Heat transfer vinyl is amazing, but Infusible Ink is unique.  Simply design, cut, press and you get a permanent design that won't wash off and is infused into the fabric.

It is pretty amazing and looks so pretty.

cricut project ideas

I hope these Cricut project ideas have inspired you to get creating.


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