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Creative Kids Summer Activity List

Summer is almost here!  (Thankfully!)  But with summer comes hours of my kids usually saying "Mom, I'm bored!"  I know I'm not alone with this.  That's why this year I am planning ahead.  That means I've put together a big list of fun and creative kids summer crafts.  My kids LOVE crafting.  So having a fun craft to look forward to is something I'm happy to do.  

Large list of Creative Kids Summer Activities and Crafts

Usually I put together several ideas for crafts and plan to do one each day of the week.  We may not get to each one, but it is nice to be able to just pull something out that they can do easily or with a little help.  Last year I actually put together a little calendar of all the crafts and activities I wanted to do and what supplies we would need.  That way I could easily glance and see what I might need to grab at the store each week.  I haven't got that far this year, but here's a list to start from.  Now you can start your own calendar and be ready for when summer vacation starts at your house.

Creative Kids Crafts

Large list of Creative Kids Summer Activities and Crafts

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