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65+ Fun Things to Do In the Summer At Home

"MOM!! I'm BORED?!" she screamed at me while simultaneously sliding backward of the couch like a worm.  She'd screamed this at me several times over the last few minutes.  Like I had the solution to the all encompassing struggle to find fun things to do in the summer at home.
65+ Fun Things to Do In the Summer At Home
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"Why don't you go outside?" I responded calmly.  "Or read a book."  Obviously not the right answer because she dramatically plopped over on to her stomach and sighed...heavily while saying, "Those are so BORING!"

This had become our daily tradition.  My 5 year old grumpily walking around telling me she was bored and me giving suggestions on what she might be able to do.

Don't get me wrong.  I realized that I was to blame as much as she was.  I'd spend a few minutes each day playing a game, drawing a picture or reading a story with her.  

However, I couldn't spend every second entertaining her.  There were bills to be paid, appointments and phone calls to make and chores to be done.  She couldn't seem to fill the other minutes of the day without someone completely guiding her efforts.

I needed a solution.  One in which she still had to make a decision but I could direct in an appropriate and less dramatic fashion.

That's where the "Mom!  I'm bored!" chart was created.

I've seen loads of boredom buster type charts or summer bucket lists with lots of summer ideas for kids.  We've even got our own list of 100 Things to Do This Summer.  However, these charts often include lots of activities that must be done outside the home.  I needed help IN my home!

The Mom, I'm Bored chart is specifically for activities that can be done at home with little to no preparation.

fun summer activities for kids

Fun Things to Do In the Summer At Home

To start, I needed a list of summer ideas for kids that were just for staying home.  I did some list writing and looked online and came up with these 65+ ideas.

You can download the entire list of fun things to do in the summer at home from my google drive, or you can just print this post and save the list.

  1. Slip and slide
  2. Find shapes in the clouds
  3. Make a movie
  4. Blow bubbles
  5. Make popcorn with “extras”
  6. Play restaurant
  7. Put on a puppet show
  8. Make mud pies
  9. Help pick veggies in the garden
  10. Make ice fossils
  11. Play hopscotch
  12. Clean your bedroom
  13. Give your dolls a bath
  14. Make finger puppets
  15. Make cards
  16. Have a bath
  17. Have a tea party
  18. Make homemade Popsicle
  19. Do a sewing project
  20. Sweep the floor
  21. Clean the porch and driveway
  22. Have a race
  23. Make pom pom monsters
  24. Clean the toilets
  25. Decorate a plant pot
  26. Make a paper boat
  27. Mop the kitchen floor
  28. Make pom poms
  29. Learn a magic trick
  30. Make pancakes
  31. Make wrapping paper
  32. Create a wind sock
  33. Play football
  34. Play baseball
  35. Read to siblings
  36. Do a puzzle
  37. Stack cups
  38. Make puppets
  39. Play a board game
  40. Play a card game
  41. Write a letter to someone
  42. Play I Spy
  43. Make a play dough project
  44. Play basketball
  45. Have a scavenger hunt
  46. Have a squirt gun fight
  47. Wash bikes
  48. Paint with chalk
  49. Paint rocks
  50. Build a fort
  51. Fly kites
  52. Go fishing
  53. Set up a lemonade stand
  54. Hunt for bugs
  55. Play on the trampoline with sprinklers 
  56. Take a nap
  57. Go on a nature walk
  58. Paint art
  59. Tie-Dye t-shirts  
  60. Do a sticker book
  61. String beads or noodles
  62. Listen to an audio book
  63. Listen to music quietly
  64. Trace shadows (yourself and other objects)
  65. Bake cookies
  66. Make a marble run
  67. Have an outdoor dance party
  68. Sing karaoke
  69. Play hide and seek
  70. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  71. Look for stars in the night sky
  72. Have a water balloon toss

Printable Summer Sticky Notes

summer ideas for kids

I decided the best way to present these summer boredom busters was to print them on sticky notes.  This way I could add a couple activities to the Mom! I'm bored chart each day.  I could moderate which activities to share which days based on our own needs.

For instance, on a swim lesson day the activities would be different than on a day we stayed home all day.  That's why these printables are great.  You have total freedom to customize it to your own family and needs.

Materials Needed

Fun Things to Do In the Summer At Home
 Step 1
Print the Sticky Note Template with outline.

Printable Summer Sticky Notes
 (The template has page 1 with the outline and page 2 without the outline.)

summer ideas for kids
Step 2
Add sticky notes to template and load in printer.  Print 6 sticky notes and activities at a time.

Printable Summer Sticky Notes
 Step 3
Print and laminate the Mom I'm Bored chart.  

I have a super inexpensive laminating machine from Scotch.  I seriously use this thing several times each month either for my own projects at home, church projects or my kids activities.  It is one of the best investments I made.

fun stuff to do when bored
Step 4
Tape a ziploc bag to the back of your chart.

fun things to do with kids in summer
Step 5
Place extra sticky notes in the ziploc bag.

Step 6
Hang up your chart and get ready for some fun summer activities!!  That photo is from our summer family command center.  It is pretty amazing so go check it out.

I have high hopes that this will prevent the total collapse of our summer vacation from couch worm tantrums.  I also look forward to having a way to redirect behaviors with some creative activities for all of my children.

fun stuff to do when bored

Will it be a win?  They've already commented on a few of these fun things to do in the summer at home and summer break hasn't even started yet!  I call that winning.

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