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15 Make Believe Ideas for Kids

Being a kid is the best.  I know when we are little we just want to be grown up.  And then we grow up.  Being grown up is not as fun as being little.  I know there are perks to being an adult.  But honestly, I want my kids to be kids for as long as they can.  So today, we wanted to give you even MORE inspiration for your little ones Make Believe time.  

I know you probably have gotten tons already from our blogging friends.  But just in case you need a bit more, check out all the great projects below.

1.  Tool Belt from Make it and Love it.  Perfect for your little man or little miss.  


2.  Dolly Mei Tai from The Crazy Tailor.  A perfect little carrier for any little mommy's and daddy's.

3.  Buzz Lightyear Gloves from Just Another Day in Paradise.  Aren't these amazing?!  My son would totally flip.

4.  Traveling Dollhouse from A Girl with A Glue Gun.  My dear friend has made these before and I keep saying I need one too.  My son and daughter would both love one of these.

5.  Superhero Masks from Cutesy Crafts.  My nephew got some of these for his birthday one year.  Surprising fast and super fun.

6.  Dragon Wings Tutorial from I'm Feeling Crafty.  Speechless.  Totally amazing right!

7.  Felt Crowns from Hellobee.  Fun for parties, dress up or a special events.

8.  Little Blue House from ikatbag.  This would be perfect for our summers.  Play outside but still have a cool place to play.

9.   Mailbox from ikatbag.  I love this idea.  They can mail letters and deliver them too.

10.  Old McDonald Puppets from Just Another Day in Paradise.  Let me just say.  I totally made these and my kids adore them.

11.  Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag from It's Always Autumn.  Perfect for stuffed animals or even baby dolls.

12.  Snack Bandolier from Whipstitch.  I love that they can carry their snacks, cars, you could even put barbies or little princess dolls in this.

 13.  TMNT Costumes from GYCT Designs.  Make a costume with shell for your little man and add a tutu for little miss.

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