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100 Things To Do This Summer

Summertime is such a fun time for to be a Mom.  I have so many great memories of lazy, hot summer days playing with my siblings or going on an outing with my Mom.  Naturally, I have the same inclinations to find fun activities to do in summer vacation.  
activities to do in summer vacation
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Two summers ago I decided to get organized and put together a fun list of activities to spend time with my kids over the summer.  Some of the activities were crafts, others were adventures or outings, and others were ways to keep them up on their academics during the summer months.  

As I sat putting this list together I noticed that I could easily categorize and group these activities into fun themed days.  This way we could have a planned activity each day of the summer and the rest of the day my kids could create, play or rest however they wished.  

things to do outside in the summer

I felt like that was the best of both worlds.  If they said "I'm bored" I could remind them that we had an activity coming up.  Or if I felt like we needed and Mom intervention, I could pull out that days activity.

The summer turned out to be one of our favorites to date.  The kids ask me each year when we are going to make another volcano or play in the sprinklers.  Most of these activities to do in summer vacation are free or inexpensive, easy to put together and take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

I said before that I felt like these activities could be put into groups.  I have 5 groups, one for each week day:  
  • Make Something Monday - Create a craft or project together
  • Thoughtful Thinking Tuesday - Activities that require a little more brain power or academics
  • Wet and Wild Wednesday - plan to get wet and have fun
  • Try Something Thursday - a new craft, project or adventure we've never done before
  • Fabulous Fun Friday - a planned, weekly outing outside the house or with friends
100 Things To Do This Summer

Essential Supplies For Things To Do Over Summer Break

Now, the summer isn't super long and we didn't get to do everything on the list.  With holidays, trips or family visiting, some days we just went with the flow.  But it was fun to have some activities planned and ready to do at a moments notice.  

I thought I'd share some of the supplies I had on hand all summer that can be used for multiple activities suggested below.  You can get a lot of these at the dollar store and they will last all summer long.

Sidewalk Chalk
Food coloring
Brown paper bags
Clothes pins
Washable Paints
Plastic cups
Paper plates
Spray bottles
Squirt guns

printable summer activity calendar

Now that we've got our supplies, I've put together a list of over 100 things to do over summer break.  I also have a great free printable chart that you can download to create your own summer fun list.  Or download my list from 2 summers ago that includes my shopping list as well!!

Activities To Do in Summer Vacation 

Okay, let's get to the list of 100 things to do this summer!  It is a great list.  

things to do on summer breakthings to do on summer break
Make Something MONDAY
  1. Make sidewalk chalk paint
  2. Father’s Day gift/card
  3. Make rainbow pancakes
  4. Finger paint
  5. Make a bean bag toss
  6. Create an obstacle course outside
  7. Have a paper airplane race
  8. Make a car race track
  9. Make fossils
  10. Have waffles for lunch
  11. Build a Teepee
  12. Trace bodies on the sidewalk
  13. Make playdough
  14. 4th of July Ribbon wands
  15. Tin can windsocks
  16.  Make marble race track
  17. Create a Fishing game
  18. Colored rice sensory bin
  19. Make homemade slime - we like this Slime Kit from Elmer's 
  20. Take a yummy treat to a friend
  21. Make newspaper hats
100 things to do this summer  100 things to do this summer

Thoughtful Thinking TUESDAY
  1. Visit the local library
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt
  3. Have a summer photo shoot (disposable cameras)
  4. Create a puppet show
  5. Make a volcano
  6. Make a collage
  7. Put together puzzles
  8. Play tick tack toe
  9. Write and send a letter to a family member
  10. Play with magnet blocks - we love our Picasso Tiles
  11. Marble roller coaster races
  12. Design your own post card to send to someone
  13. Write a play and perform it
  14. Plant flowers and watch their growth through the summer
  15. Play a game of Dominoes 
  16. Make ice sculptures from ice blocks
  17. Design a bird feeder
  18. Put together a game of I Spy
  19. Play Uno Attack
  20. Paint with shaving cream and food coloring
  21. Start a lemonade stand or fruit stand

things to do over summer break  things to do over summer break
Wet and Wild WEDNESDAY

  1.  Make giant Bubbles
  2. Play in Sprinklers
  3. Homemade slip n’ slide
  4. Go to the public pool
  5. Have a “car/bike wash”
  6. Go to the splash pad
  7. Trip to water park
  8. Have a bathtub party
  9. Make a tinfoil river and some boats
  10. Play in the sand/mud
  11. Water Gun Tag
  12. DIY water table
  13. Water balloon target practice
  14. Find a water bounce house
  15. Water bucket pass
  16. Play water volleyball with towels and water balloons
  17. Wet sponge toss
  18. Make a soda bottle sprinkler
  19. Water balloon baseball
  20. Play with water beads

cheap summer activities  cheap summer activities

Try Something THURSDAY
  1. Tie Dye T-shirts
  2. Make microwave S’mores
  3. Make a bird feeder
  4. Have a PJ party
  5. Build a fort
  6. Sew a simple project
  7. Feed the ducks
  8. Have an unbirthday party
  9. Go roller skating
  10. Go to the Dollar Store
  11. Build a plastic cup tower
  12. Make popsicles
  13. Make cardboard easel and paint
  14. Make gummy bears
  15. Tissue paper painting
  16. Eat snowcones
  17. Have root beer floats
  18. Paint rocks and hide them for others to find
  19. Make your own bouncy balls - here is a fun kit with all the supplies
  20. Learn to cook or bake cookies

summer fun ideas for kids summer fun ideas for kids

Fabulous Fun FRIDAY
  1. Make Homemade Ice cream (in a bag?)
  2. Sleep in backyard tent
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Go on a picnic
  5. $1 Movie Matinee
  6. Have a BBQ with friends
  7. Visit local parks
  8. Go mini golfing
  9. Head out on a bike ride
  10. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows
  11. Go bowling - you can sign up for free bowling through Kids Bowl Free
  12. Ride a train
  13. Go to a parade
  14. Visit Indoor Playground
  15. Take the car through a car wash
  16. Watch movies in the park
  17. Fly kites
  18.  Visit a local beach or lake
  19. Go to a U-Pick berry patch
  20. Throw a cousins or friends party
  21. Go on a hike
  22. Get ice cream or yogurt at a local shop
  23. Go to a baseball game
Wow!!  That's quite the list.  I love that they are all creative and unique.  Yes, going to the zoo seems fairly traditional but many of these activities we wouldn't think to do if we hadn't done some research, thinking and planning.

Don't forget to ask your children what they'd like to do this summer as well.  They might come up with some really great ideas!

Have a great time this summer!!!