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The Best Creative Girls Crafting Kit

My 7 year old LOVES to craft and create.  She cannot walk by the recycle bin without grabbing something to paint or manipulate into a craft.

Her fingers get a bit twitchy when I sit at my sewing table because she wants to be included SO badly.

We've tried lots of different creative kits and projects for kids.  And we've enjoyed them but wanted something a bit more.
 The best craft kits for girls and tweens with the Creative Girls Club kit.
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Naturally, she has been really excited for the mail to come the last couple of months. She and I have had the chance to try out the Creative Girls Club Kit from Annie's Crafts.

We've had so much fun with each of these projects that I couldn't wait to share with you all about the kit.

    What is Annie's Creative Girls Club?

    The Creative Girls Club are fun monthly craft kits for girls ages 7 to 12.  Each month she'll get two fun easy to follow creative projects in the mail to do at home.

    annie's creative girls

    What is included in Annie's Creative Girls Club?

    Each Creative Girls Club kit includes the step by step photo instructions so that she can start creating as soon as it arrives.

    Each project will teach new skills like painting, beading, stitching and so much more. And the best part is all the materials and supplies are included in each of the kit.  Sometimes you will need to provide glue or another easy craft supply you should have on hand.

    Can my child do these projects on their own?

    I have personally found these projects to be kid-friendly and a great way for my daughter to grow creatively.

    I will admit, some of the projects will take some parent support if you have a young daughter.  Especially when using a hot glue gun or using fabric dye.

    But it was a great way for us to have some mother daughter time and we had some great talks along the way too.

    annie's creative girls

    What projects will be in the Annie's Creative Girls Club?

    Every month your child will get two different projects.  And those projects vary significantly.

    We haven't had any complete project repeats, however, we do see some that are similar.  For instance, we've done two different shadow type boxes.  But we've had the subscription for 3 years and that was the first time we had a similar project.

    We've done several different types of bags, a few different wood projects, but never anything that has repeated.

    Annies creative girls club

    How much does the subscription box cost?

    The Annie's Creative Girls Club is $19.99 a month.  But if you use our link, you get 50% off your first shipmentTotally worth trying out.

    You can also cancel your subscription anytime without hassle.  So try it for a month and see what you think.

    Finished Annie's Projects 

    Hoop Art Project
    Learn to trace, cut and glue felt to make this adorable hanging hoop.

    annies creative club

    I love how colorful this project was.  Not only did she get to decide what colors to make her flowers, but she practiced her fabric cutting skills.

    Dream Catcher
    Using yarn, ribbons and feathers, she'll create a dream catcher to keep her dreams sweet.

    annies creative club

    This project was a great small motor activity.  She has to wrap the yarn around the loop.  She had to learn to tie some knots.  Lots of great skills learned.

    Kindness Frame
    This project is super cute and fast.  Just a bit of glue and some sequin sparkles and you have a great kindness frame.

    creative girls club

    I liked how quick this project was.  We had it done in about 30 minutes.  And that was just waiting for the glue to dry.  Plus, it is a good reminder to be kind to everyone.

    Rain Forest Sand Art
    If she enjoys paint by numbers, she will love this sand art project.  Just remove the stickers to add the colored sand.

    creative girls club

    My daughter really enjoyed this one.  It has 3 different sand art images she can do and would make a fun gift for someone. 

    creative girls club

    I would highly suggest using a cookie sheet or parchment paper underneath the project for easier clean up.

    Dream Blocks
    This project was really fun to do together.  We used painters tape to create different color combinations on each of the blocks.


    The kit comes with several different embellishments and my daughter had tons of fun deciding which of them to add to which blocks.

    Tote Bag
    This tote bag is really unique because you get to learn to braid the Paracord strap.
    Braiding can be tricky, but the Paracord is nice and thick and makes a great way to practice braiding.  There is also some simple hand stitching with a large needle.

    Spooky String Art
    This was a fun project to do to decorate for an upcoming holiday.

    annie's creative club

    The string art does require a hammer and some patience.  The nails take some work to get into place.  Make sure to set aside an afternoon to get this project finished.  But the outcome is super fun.

    Confetti Bookmarks

    Perhaps the fastest and cutest project so far.  We did this project in about 15 minutes (even with my helpful 4 year old tagging along).  The pack makes 5 bookmarks.  We kept 3 and gave away 2 to friends.

    annie's creative club

    Easy Tie Pillow

    My daughter did this entire project 100% on her own.  It was quick and easy to follow and the end result was a cute pillow she enjoys snuggling up with.

    annie's creative girls club

    Star Wall Hanging

    The yard for this project was super soft and fun to work with.  I did end up helping my 9 year old wrap it around the star.

    Cutting all the yarn tassels for the bottom took the longest, but it turned out super cute.

    annie's creative girls club

    If you are looking for creative and fun craft kits for girls, you will really love the Creative Girls Club kits.

    Plus, you can get your first month at 50% off your first shipment! Totally worth trying out.

    The best craft kits for girls and tweens with the Creative Girls Club kit.

    The best craft kits for girls and tweens with the Creative Girls Club kit.

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