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75+ Free Baby Sewing Projects

Having a baby is such an exciting time and in my case, a time to plan, organize and create.  

Each time I was pregnant with one of my children, all I wanted to do was decorate the nursery, make tiny baby clothes and daydream about what that little human would be like.  

I was always in search of easy baby sewing projects and over the years complied some of my favorites. 
75+  of the best free baby sewing projects for beginner to advanced sewists. Great for gifts, nursery projects or baby showers.
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Of course, there are so many new free baby patterns that I couldn’t ignore those either.  So instead, I decided to merge those two things and create this amazing resource instead.

This is a list of 75+ of the very BEST baby sewing projects out there.  AND they are all FREE!  

That’s right, free baby sewing patterns.  Now, some of them require you to either join a Facebook group or sign up for a newsletter, but most of them are free tutorials that you can follow along with on a blog.  

They are created by some of the best sewing bloggers (many whom I am friends with), so you know they are great quality.

This is a really BIG list of the best baby sewing projects, so I’ve organized them into sections like “burp cloths” and “baby toys” to help you sort through to what you are looking for. 

Just make sure you take your time.  Click through all the links and really find exactly what you are looking for.  

While you are searching, if you do happen to find a link that isn’t working or a project that you love that I haven’t listed, head back over and let me know.  You can always leave a comment or email me and I can get it added.

Free Baby Sewing Projects

sewing for baby

Baby Girl Dress Patterns

A fun dress for a sweet baby girl can make sewing time so much more enjoyable.  Plus, it takes so little fabric you might as well make 2!

Baby Shoes and Slippers

Little shoes are such a fun baby sewing projects.  No, babies don't really need shoes.  But they are SO dang cute.

baby sewing projects

Baby Clothing

Being able to make baby clothes can save you money and make you smile.  Who doesn't love itty bitty baby clothes?

easy baby sewing projects
Baby Photo Keepsake Quilt from Sew Simple Home

Baby Blankets and Quilts

Every baby needs blankets and a whole lot of them.  A handmade blanket will last for generations and becomes a special part of growing up.

easy baby sewing projects
Easy Flannel Burp Cloths from Sew Simple Home

Burp Cloths

New Mom's will need a ton of burp cloths.  Why not make a few (hundred) for them.

baby sewing patterns

Baby Toys and Play Mats

Toys, toys, toys!!  Make a simple, soft toy for that sweet baby.  They love to cuddle up with it for years to come.

sewing for baby

Baby Hats and Hairbows

Keep out the sun, wind and rain with these great hat patterns.  Or make that sweet little girl a hairbow.

easy baby sewing projects
Bandana Bib from Sweet Red Poppy

Baby Bibs

Making a big is the best and easiest baby sewing projects there is.  They are useful, take very little fabric and you can make several and know they'll all get used.

easy baby sewing projects
Cute and Easy Diaper Clutch Pattern from Crazy Little Projects

Baby Accessories

Even babies need to accessorize.  These free baby sewing patterns are perfect for the diaper bag, the nursery or on the go.

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