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Free and Easy Baby Bib Pattern

My youngest was born drooling.  Okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration.  But he drooled a LOT.  So much that my Mom was always asking why I didn't have a bib on him.

Answer.  He didn't seem to mind all the drool.  And he never was a big fan of bibs.  However, I know not all babies are that way.  Some babies don't like to be wet or wear damp clothes all day.  That is why you are going to love our project for the baby bib pattern.

baby bib pattern
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    Not only can you make a million new bibs for those bright eyed, drooling sweethearts.  But you can customize them to fit whatever need you might have.  From making terrycloth bibs for drool to laminated cotton bibs for daily feedings.  The sky is the limit.  (And maybe what fabrics you have in your current stash.)

    What are the measurements to make a baby bib?

    When it comes to making baby bibs, the standard sizes are around 8” x 12” for newborns up to 6 months, and 10” x 14” for older babies up to 24 months. However, you can always measure a bib that you already own and modify the measurements according to your preference.  For this pattern, our bib is 8" x 12" for younger babies.

    How many layers should a baby bib have?

    The most common number of layers used in a baby bib is two. Two layers are enough to provide sufficient absorbency and help keep the bib in place. 

    What is the best material to make baby bibs out of?

    Cotton is always a good choice for baby bibs as it’s lightweight, easy to maintain, and gentle on the baby’s skin. Flannel or terry cloth can be used for the inner layer for absorbance.  You can also try materials like laminated cotton or PUL fabric for a waterproof material.

    baby bib pattern

    Baby Bib Pattern Video

    Free Baby Bib Pattern

    Customize your own baby bibs with this free baby bib pattern.
    Materials Needed
    Fat quarter squares of fabric work nicely for this project as well.

    bib pattern
    Step 1 
    Cut out one bib in laminated cotton and one in cotton fabric. 

    baby bib pattern
    Step 2
    Place bib pieces with right sides together.  Pin together.  Mark a 2-3" opening on one of the straight edges of the bib.

    Stitch around the outside of the bib, leaving the marked opening unsewn.

    pattern bib
    Step 3
    Take scissors and clip around the curves of the bib.  You want to clip every 1-2".  This will allow the fabric to lay nice and flat.

    bib pattern
    Step 4
    Turn bib right side out.  Press.  Be careful not to melt the laminated cotton. 

    Topstitch around the outside edge of the big.

    baby bib pattern
    Step 5
    Take one side of the Hook and Loop tape and pin on the front side of the neck of the bib.  Stitch down using a box stitch.

    bib pattern
    Step 6
    Take the other side of the Hook and Loop tape and pin on the front side of the neck of the bib.  Stitch down using a box stitch.

    baby bib pattern

    That's it!!  You've sewn up the baby bib pattern.  This is such a fun and quick sewing project.

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