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Little Girl Bloomers Sewing Pattern

When my daughter was a baby, I loved looking for vintage inspired dresses and nightgowns.  I loved the long and flowy dresses.  As she grew, she loved picking nightgowns over pajamas sets.

bloomers pattern
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    This didn't bother me.  I love making her nightgowns like our Sleepyhead Nightgown or the Jean and Jamey Jammies.  But my favorite nightgowns always included matching bloomers.

    And those bloomers didn't stop at sleepwear.  They were under dresses and tunics.

    I'm always looking for ways to make her nightgowns and dresses a bit more modest.  Yes, we use leggings a lot, but adding bloomers to her favorite nightgown is a nice way to add a little something.

    bloomers sewing pattern

    I've had this bloomer pattern for years.  In fact, it was one of my first ever, paid for sewing patterns. I've adapted it over the years and now it is ready for you to grab for free.

    The bloomer pattern comes in size 3 month to 12 years.  Which means, she can wear bloomers for a long time.  And of course, you can use this pattern for little boys as well.

    bloomer pattern

    How to Sew Bloomers Pattern

    Materials Needed
    • Bloomer Pattern (free at the end of the post, look for the peach colored button)
    • 1/2 - 3/4 yard knit or cotton fabric
    • 1" Elastic (see cutting chart on pattern for amount)
    • 1/4" Elastic (see cutting chart on pattern for amount)
    • Matching Thread

    bloomers sewing pattern

    Step 1

    Place bloomers RST. Stitch curved crotch lines together.

    bloomers pattern

    Step 2

    Hem the bottom of the bloomers by folding 3/4". Stitch down the top edge of the hem to create the elastic casing. 

    bloomers sewing pattern  bloomers pattern

    Step 3

    Thread elastic through the casing. Stitch down one end of the elastic then pull the elastic through to the opposite side and stitch down. Repeat with other leg hem.

    bloomers sewing pattern

    Step 4

    Open inseam and place the front and back with RST. Stitch across inseam.

    bloomer pattern

    Step 5

    To create the waistband, fold the top edge down 1-1/4".  Pin in place.  Leave a 2-3" opening on the backside of the bloomers for the elastic.

    bloomers pattern

    Step 6

    Stitch a line around the waistband at the bottom raw edge making sure to leave a 2" opening for your elastic.

    Thread elastic through opening.

    bloomer pattern

    Step 7

    Overlap the elastic by 1" and stitch together. Pull elastic into waistband and stitch the opening close.

    bloomers pattern

    Sewing Bloomers Pattern

    Want the free bloomers sewing pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

    Sew up a simple set of bloomers with the free bloomers sewing pattern.

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