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Eclipse Nightgown Pattern

A couple years ago, I was browsing through a clothing site looking through pajamas and nightgowns for Christmas.  I found the cutest nightgown and bloomer set that I really wanted to get for my daughter.  So I did.
nightgown pattern
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    Yes, even I, who enjoys sewing, will purchasing clothing.  But this nightgown and bloomer set wouldn't last long.  Especially at the rapid rate this girl grows.  

    I knew I wanted to make her more and with a nightgown that had more length instead of the tunic length.  And without all the frills and lace.  She just wanted comfy and basic.

    nightgown sewing pattern

    This nightgown pattern idea has been on my sewing to do list for 2 years.  Today is the day you not only get the nightgown but also the cute bloomers pattern.  Together, these two pieces make up a comfy and modest nightie for your little one.

    This post will walk you through sewing up the nightgown.  You can learn to sew up the bloomers pattern in our other post.  

    As for the pattern, grab the free Eclipse Nightgown pattern at the end of the post.  Look for the peach colored button.

    free nightgown pattern

    Get her to sleep in style with this simple nightgown pattern for girls.

    VIDEO:  Nightgown Sew-along

    Eclipse Nightgown Sewing Pattern Tutorial

    Materials Needed
    • Nightgown Pattern - click the peach colored link at the end of the post
    • 1/2 - 1.5 yards knit fabric
    • Matching Thread
    • Ballpoint needle or double needle

    nightgown pattern
    Step 1
    With Right Sides Together (RST), match the shoulders of the front and back bodice. Pin one of the shoulders and stitch across with a zig zag, stretch stitch or on a serger. Leave the other shoulder open.

    nightgown sewing pattern
    Step 2
    Take neckband piece and fold it in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Press. Start by pinning the center of the neckband to the shoulder seam with right sides together. Gently pull and pin neckband out to the unsewn shoulders.  

    Stitch in place and press.

    nightgown pattern
    Step 3
    With RST, match the open shoulders of the bodice front and back. Stitch across the shoulder.

    nightgown sewing pattern
    Step 4
    With RST, pin the center of the sleeve on the shoulder seam of the bodice. Pin sleeve to bodice matching the sleeve and bodice as you go. Stitch across the sleeve from one side to the other. Repeat with opposite sleeve.

    nightgown pattern
    Step 5
    Turn bodice so that right sides are together. Match side seams and sleeves. Stitch down the
    side seam. Repeat with opposite side.

    free nightgown pattern
    Step 6
    To finish the hem of the sleeve, fold the edge of the sleeve up 1/2" and pin in place. Stitch
    around using your double needle or a zig zag stitch. Repeat with opposite sleeve

    nightgown pattern
    Step 7
    Turn the bottom edge of the bodice up 1/2" towards the wrong side of the fabric and press. Using your double needle, zig zag or stretch stitch, topstitch around the hem of the bodice. Press.

    free nightgown pattern

    You can pair this easy nightgown pattern with our little girl bloomers pattern.  They make a great Christmas set or just a fun, cozy winter sewing project.

    Get the Nightgown Pattern

    Want the free Eclipse Nightgown sewing pattern?  Simply click the button below to download.

    Get her to sleep in style with this simple nightgown pattern for girls.

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