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Diagonal Maxi Skirt Tutorial

I have been wanting to make a Maxi Skirt for myself forever!!  I finally decided to make one for Project Sewn this season and I LOVE it!  It is so comfy.  I found this great striped fabric and knew that I didn't want to just cut it out horizontally.  Why?  Because I didn't want to be any wider then I already am.  You understand I am sure.  So I decided to make a diagonal Maxi Skirt.  Today, you get the tutorial!!

Materials Needed:
2-3 yards of Knit fabric
Pattern paper (or paper bags)
Sewing Machine/Serger

First thing, you'll want to make your skirt pattern.  There are tons of tutorials out there on how to do this.  Or you can use a skirt you already have.  I made mine using a skirt I already owned and just extended the length.  But check out this great post from Train To Crazy on how to measure and make your own pattern.

Next, you'll take your pattern and slice it into 3 pieces.  Slicing at the diagonal.  That is what you see below.

Next, you're going to going to cut your pieces.  First, fold your fabric in half pulling it into a diagonal position.  You can see on the picture below that the lines don't match.  Place the center front of your pattern piece on the fold.  Cut it out.  Make sure to add a seam allowance around the pattern as you cut. 

Repeat this with the other two pieces, however, pull the fabric so the diagonal is going the opposite direction for the middle layer and then again for the bottom layer.  You can see the different angles below.

Next lay out your pieces flat.  You can see below that the angles are different.  That is what you want.  Pin the center point and then out to your edges.  Stitch your layers together.

Here the skirt is stitched together.

Now fold the skirt so right sides are together and stitch down the straight edge.  This seam will be your side seam.  Now take a wide rectangular piece of fabric and create your waistband.  You might want try it on before you add to wide of a waistband.

Now go put it on and wear it all day long and enjoy being comfy!!  See this is me all comfy with the wind in my hair.


  1. Hey! It's my blog twin! I love how soft this material is. I have some extra. I may have to try this technique. :)

  2. You do look comfy with the wind blowing in your hair!

  3. THANKS for the tutorial! I have a striped fabric that I want to make into a maxi! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Advenures

  4. I really like this! And it's much easier than I would have imagined, thanks!

  5. I love the way it hangs, and you really do make it look easy. This is my first visit to your blog, I love the name but know it's never gonna happen for me! ( just jogging along doing my best, hoping for the best really)

  6. Hi! Just stopping by to let you know you have been featured at Nap-Time Creations from the Create Link Inspire party. I've got some fabulous fabric themes features this week. So glad to have you part of the group. I've spread the word {and tagged you} around my social media. Would love if you could help to spread the word as well. Thanks and see you at the party next week! Emily

  7. I think I have this same exact fabric. Got it at Joann's. Totally going to try this! I've been dying to make myself one. Thanks!

  8. That is such a great tutorial!! Pinning and trying this myself. If I happen to succeed in making something that resembles a skirt I'll be sure to link back to you :) Thanks for sharing!


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