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Patriotic Tshirts for Sew Americana + Free Patriotic Cut Files

It was hot.  Like 110°F hot.

We spent the better part of the evening try to cool off on the porch and splashing in the tiny kiddie pool on the lawn.

The kids were running around chasing chickens.  All of a sudden the 2 year old walked over carrying our biggest rooster.

Here was the start a grand love story between a boy and his chickens.

Make your 4th of July shirts memorable with these free patriotic svg and png cut files.
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Most days he can be found feeding chickens, collecting eggs or belting out the latest country songs as a sort of chicken lullaby.

He eats, sleeps and breathes chickens.

Putting together 4th of July shirts for the kids has become a family tradition.  That is why I was so excited to join the Sew Americana Tour this year.  Great ideas, inspiration and just fun sewing to do.

4th of july shirts

Putting together a patriotic tee idea for this little man proved to be quite easy.  Just add a chicken and the world is a better place.  That is how the chicken svg was born.

In fact, this patriotic svg proved so popular.  This is actually year two of the chicken shirt.

Of course, it needed to be shared.  

You can grab the free SVG at the end of the post for download.

chicken svg

Yes my son loves his patriotic chicken.  But not everyone is fond of chickens.

Especially my daughter.

Probably stems from the time our giant rooster attacked her.  Not good memories.  (Don't worry.  He became chicken soup.)

Instead, we went with the mystical patriotic unicorn.

4th of july svg

I love when my kids get in on the design process.  Like my daughter and my oldest son.  He wanted his USA stars and stripes to be a certain direction.

Not the same way as brother and sister.

I think they turned out really cool.

4th of july svg

If you are thinking about making your own 4th of July outfits, let me walk you through what we put together.

4th of july cut files

4th of July Shirts

Lightweight tees are the best for our family in July.  Mostly because we can get up into the 100's and heavy tees are not fun.

Search for lightweight knits with a good recovery.  Even if they don't have a design, you can always add iron-on vinyl to make that custom look.  Like the chicken svg, patriotic unicorn and USA cut file.

patriotic svg

Materials Needed

chicken svg

For my boys, I made the Primary Tee and used the Free Summer Shorts PDF Pattern for their bottoms.  

4th of July outfits
With a fun double brushed poly striped knit from Sly Fox Fabrics.

4th of july shirts

My daughter got the Rival Raglan Top with the ruffled skirt.  I used a double brushed poly knit for the skirt and added all the stars with iron-on vinyl.

4th of July outfits

Her leggings are self drafted but I also like the Agility Leggings from Peekaboo Patterns.  They have lots of options in their leggings pattern.

I couldn't find a start print fabric that I liked, so I designed my own using iron-on vinyl.  Check out how to make your own fabric designs here.

patriotic svg

4th of July SVG Files

If you've never made your own t-shirts before, I've got some great resources for you.

First, check out our post on How to Sew a T-shirt.  You'll get some quick tips AND you can sign up to get a free t-shirt pattern by email.

diy patriotic shirt   diy patriotic shirt

Second, we have an entire blog post about how to add iron-on vinyl to t-shirts.  Including a little step by step on using Cricut Design Space if you are a Cricut user.

sew americana

Grab the all 3 of the Patriotic cut files in our Sew Simple SVG shop.

From our little chicken lover to yours, I hope your family enjoys these free cut files and I hope you create some amazing 4th of July shirts.


  1. I love the chicken and unicorn!! So sweet that you are giving it to us as a freebie as well. Thank you!

  2. Aww, I love the special personalization you did! My kids would have wanted a bear, fox, and wolf-- patriotize all the things, ha!

  3. I'm cracking up over "he became chicken soup". haha Love the story behind these!

  4. Love the background story! I say a chicken is pretty American, right? Haha!

    (Elisabeth Breckley - account has my old name) :)

  5. So cute!! My nephews are all into chickens at the moment because they just got 5 for Christmas! They're in australia though, so the stars and stripes won't quite work for them!


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