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Free Kids Shorts Pattern for Summer

With summer on the horizon, I start to look through our closets and get organized.  Putting away winter clothes and shoes and busting out the warm weather attire.  

This year I found that my toddler lacked in some essential kids shorts.  I decided to fix this with a free kids shorts pattern for not only my house, but yours as well.
kids shorts pattern
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I love this simple pattern.  Not only does it work as a toddler shorts pattern but it comes in sizes 2/3, 4/5, and 6/7.  

This is also a gender neutral pattern so you can make it a girls shorts pattern or a simple boy shorts pattern.  This pattern is also best if made with knit fabrics.

toddler shorts pattern

The waist is a casing with an elastic band.  The pattern doesn't come with pockets, but can be easily hacked to add them.  (Who knows, perhaps I'll hack them in another post for you.)  

Jump to the end of the post to download the pattern pieces for the project.

How to Sew a Kids Shorts Pattern

Materials Needed

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Step 1
With RST, place 2 short back pieces together and stitch down the crotch seam.  With 2 front pieces together, stitch down the crotch seam.

Step 2
Open up the shorts and match the inseam.  Pin in place and stitch the inseams together.

Step 3
Match the side seams of the kids shorts pattern.  Stitch down the sides of the shorts.

Step 4
To create the waistband, fold the top edge down 3/4".  Find the back of your shorts and mark a 2” opening in the center.  Stitch around the waistband at the bottom edge ¼”.  

Leave the 2” marking open.

Step 5
Thread elastic through opening.  Overlap the elastic by 1” and stitch together.  Pull elastic into waistband.  Stitch opening closed.

This is a good time to add a "tag" to the back of the shorts to make it easier to determine the front and back.

Step 6
Turn the hem of the shorts 1/2".  Press.  Stitch around the bottom of the pants.  Repeat with opposite pant leg.

boy shorts pattern

There you have it.  This is a super quick and easy kids shorts pattern.  They are comfy and perfect for hanging out in the sun.

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  1. The directions don’t seem to say how much elastic to use for the waistbands?

    1. There should be a size chart on the pattern pieces when you download


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