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Make Believe Week Round-Up

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This has been a fantastic week!  Thank you so much to all those who participated in our Make Believe Week.  We have had some really awesome projects perfect for make believe time.  Today, we just wanted to give you one final look at each of the projects.  Just a little round-up.

Make Believe Week Round-Up by GYCT

2.  Tiger Tail and Ears
3. Chair Oven
4.  Treasure Map
5.  Mix and Match Monster Puppets
6.  Kids Adventure Belt from Sara at Radiant Home Studio
7.  Princess Props
8.  Reversible Play Apron
9.  Shield and Sword
10.  Handmade Boy
11.   Mailbag and Mail Tutorial
12.  Animal Bonnet 
 13.  Felt Superhero Accessories.  
14.  Fairy Wings
15.  Mermaid and Triceratops hand puppet.