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DIY Pikachu Costume Hoodie + Free Template

Gotta catch 'em all!!  Pokemon.

Yep, that is right.  We've got a Pokemon lover in our house.

Which is fine.  I mean I was only in like 6th grade when they started to explode.

I don't feel old now that my 9 year old's goal is to be a Pokemon trainer.  I'm fine.  Just fine.
Make your own DIY Pikachu costume with this template and free sewing tutorial.
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Despite feeling old, when my son asked to be Pikachu for Halloween, I had to dig deep.

What was the easiest and most comfortable way to make this request a reality.

If your kids are like mine, they love Halloween costumes but they will take them off just as fast as they put them on.

I try to make them comfortable and also reusable.  Meaning, they are multi purpose.

Like our Ninja Turtle costumes from several years ago.  They are pajamas.  My kids wore them for a good year before they grew out of them.  In fact, my 3 year old now wears the hand me downs.

DIY Pikachu Costume

I love making halloween costumes with sweatshirts.  Like the Shredder Hoodie or this adorable Unicorn hoodie.  Hoodies are a great way to make a costume fast and simple.

DIY Pikachu Costume

DIY Pikachu Costume Hoodie

Materials Needed

pikachu ears and tail

Step 1
Cut out the Pikachu pattern pieces using the downloadable template at the bottom of the post.

pikachu ears and tail
Step 2
Take one Pikachu ear piece and one ear top.  Place the ear top over the ear piece matching at the top tip.  Stitch ear top to ear along the straight edge of the ear top.  

Repeat with all ear pieces and tops.

pikachu ears and tail
Step 3
With right sides together (RST), place two ear pieces together and stitch along both side edges.  Leave the bottom open.

Repeat with opposite ear.

pikachu ears and tail
Step 4
Turn the ears right side out and use a dowel to push the ear tips out nice and pointed.

Optional:  Stuff the ears with Polyfill.

diy pikachu costume  diy pikachu costume
Step 5
Sandwich the ear between two sides of the 3 piece hood in the Denali pattern and stitch closed.
Cut a small slit in the top of a pre-made hoodie for the ears to fit in on either side.

DIY Pikachu Costume
Step 6
Place the eyes, mouth, nose and cheeks on the outside of the hoodie.  Stitch in place with a simple zig-zag stitch or stretch stitch.

`pikachu costume boy
Step 7
Cut out the Pikachu tail and use the line on the pattern pieces to cut out the bottom in brown.  Match and stitch the brown to the yellow tail at the bottom.

Repeat with opposite side of the tail.

pikachu costume boy
Step 7
With RST, stitch the tail pieces together leaving the bottom open.

DIY Pikachu Costume Hoodie
Step 8
Turn the tail right side out and stuff with Polyfill.

Stitch tail to the bottom of the hoodie.  I added a band to the bottom of this sweater and just sandwiched the tail between the bodice back and the band at the bottom.

easy diy pikachu costume

See how fun and simple that is.  You can use the Denali Jacket Pattern or just grab an old yellow sweater to make your design.  Either way, it will be a great everyday hoodie or fun Halloween costume.

Now you can download the free PDF pattern to make your own DIY Pikachu Costume.  Just click the button below.

If you make a DIY Pikachu Costume, make sure to join our Facebook Community and share your creations.  We love to see your work!

Make your own DIY Pikachu costume with this template and free sewing tutorial.

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