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Quick Zipper Pouch Tutorial + Free Cosmetic Bag Pattern


It's almost a swear word in the sewing community.  There is so much fear surrounding zippers.

Today let's conquer your fear of zippers with this zipper pouch tutorial.
zipper pouch tutorial
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Not only will this post walk you through how to sew a zipper, but you'll end up with a super cute cosmetic bag when you are all done.

I mean I think we call that a win-win!!

zipper pouch tutorial

And once you've conquered your first zipper (or second, or third), you'll be ready to try some of our other projects like the Mini Backpack Coin Pouch.

Because let's face it, once you can sew a zipper, you'll never want to stop.

Maybe you'll get brave and decide you want to try out this sweet lace dress pattern.

Follow along with this easy zipper pouch tutorial to make your own cosmetic bag.

Who knows right?!  But you can start right here learning how to sew a zipper.  Or just follow along below.

Easy Zipper Pouch Tutorial

zipper pouch pattern

Materials Needed

zipper pouch tutorial
Step 1
Press the interfacing to the wrong side of the pouch lining

curved top zipper pouch tutorial 
Step 2
Unzip the zipper, place the right side of the zipper to one of the right sides of the main fabric along the curve.  Pin in place and stitch.

Tip:  Use your zipper foot for the best results

cosmetic bag pattern

Step 3
Place the right side of the lining to the right side of the main fabric and stitch along the zipper again.

You can do all 3 layers at the same time if you are confident enough.

makeup pouch pattern

Step 4 
Repeat step 2 on the opposite side of the pouch with the opposite side of the zipper.

makeup pouch pattern

Step 5
Zip the zipper closed

how to sew a zipper pouch
Step 6
Flip the lining and main fabric so that the wrong side is facing out.  Match the 2 sides of the main fabric together and the 2 sides of the lining together.

Stitch down the side seams.  Leave a 2-3” opening on one of the lining sides.

cosmetic bag pattern

Step 7

Find the square cut out on one of the sides.  Open the square so that the two tips of the squares match up.  It should look more like a line.

zipper pouch pattern
Step 8
Stitch along this line and than cut the excess fabric.  It should look like the photo.

Repeat this step with all four corners.

zipper pouch tutorial
Step 9
Turn the zipper pouch right side out through the small opening in the lining.

Stitch the lining closed by hand.

Congratulations!!  You are finished.

I hope this zipper pouch tutorial helped you conquer your fear of zippers.  They really aren't all that bad after all.

cosmetic bag pattern

Want the free cosmetic bag pattern?  Simply click the buttons below to download the PDF sewing pattern or the SVG cut file to cut on your Cricut machine.

Follow along with this easy zipper pouch tutorial to make your own cosmetic bag.


  1. This looks so easy I think I can make this one. the fabrics are so beautiful too!

  2. What are the dimensions for the SVG file in Cricut? It is very small when I open the file and I'm not sure what the scale should be.

    1. You may need to print the PDF version if you want the exact dimensions for your Cricut. I believe it was about 10 x 15". You can resize the zipper bag to whatever size works for you on your Cricut. Remember that the pouch uses a 10" zipper so you may need a larger or smaller zipper depending on your sizing.

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