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Simply Home Sewn eBook

Learn to sew for the home with these 11 home sewing projects in the sewing eBook, Simply Home Sewn.

The Simply Home Sewn eBook contains 11 beautiful and easy home sewing photo tutorials and printable sewing patterns.  If you are looking to save money and be creative in your home, you won't want to miss out on this.

Each pattern comes with a supply list, step by step photo tutorial and cutting chart or printable PDF pattern for these sewing for the home projects.  Plus, each pattern has been tested by sewists just like you.

What's included:
  • 11 beginner home sewing tutorials
  • Tips for adding these designs to your own home
  • Printer friendly instructions and sewing patterns
  • Entire printable material and supply lists
  • Full color, step by step photo tutorials
  • And more....

What other people are saying about Simply Home Sewn eBook

"This book helped me see so many more practical and useful ways that I can use my sewing skills, both as gifts and for my own use.  The projects are very scrap friendly and gave me great ways to use up fabric left over from bigger projects besides just quilting…I can make them as gifts, but I use them myself as well."     

“I have been looking for an apron pattern and there it was in the ebook. No more hunting for a pattern. I have hardly ever used a pattern you print out before. I was worried about piecing it together, but it was actually quite easy.”  

“I don't have to run out to purchase these items from the shops I can just sew them up.” ~Sonia

“I love the variety of the patterns offered. I like the towel topper. I had never seen a towel topper before so I was curious about it. ” ~Candice

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Why simple home sewing projects?
If you take time to think about it, sewing for the home is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of redecorating.  Not only can you create new looks to fit your own taste and style, but with sewing projects that are quick and simple you'll also save time.

What's in the eBook?
There are 11 home sewing projects in the Simply Home Sewn eBook.  From making your own pillow form and covers to how to sew a pot holder and simple napkins.  

You'll love these home sewing projects because you can make them work for YOU!

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