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DIY Leather Earrings and Free Cut File

I have a new hobby.  Earrings!!  Making your own DIY leather earrings is so much easier than you might think. 

 Especially if you have a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette.  I've been doing a lot of leather projects lately in fact.
Download these free diy leather earring cut files to use with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines.
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Like these fun faux leather keychains that make a great gift for Dads and grads. Or our Tiny Aviator Hat that is perfect for that adventurous toddler.  

Lastly, my favorite is all these fun leather hair accessories!!  They really are super easy and great for scraps of leather.

However, this week I've been making some simple but cute teardrop earring designs and feathers.  

But I seriously LOVE these mermaid tail earrings from Leap of Faith Crafting.  They make my heart happy.

You can see that there are so many options and choices when it comes to making DIY leather earrings.  

But let's answer a few questions people tend to have about working with leather.

What leather to used for earrings?
You have lots of options when it comes to leather earrings.  You can purchase leather sheets from your local craft store or online on Amazon.  

Some leathers are much heavier like genuine leathers.  But you can getting lighter leathers like faux leather that won't weigh down your earrings.  

I tend to like a stiff leather but many faux leathers are very lightweight and look amazing as earrings. 

It is all in what look and feel you want for your earrings.

Will it take a lot of supplies to make leather earrings?
No!  You'll need leather or faux leather, jump rings and ear wires.  That's it. 

Of course you can always add fun charms to add a little something or even iron-on vinyl on the tips like on these diamond earrings.

To start, you just need a few supplies and you can make so many fun earrings.

Let me walk you through some quick steps on how to make your own DIY leather earrings.  

Most of the process is the same for each of these designs.  You can get ALL of these fun earring SVG or PNG files for download at the end of this post. 


DIY Leather Earrings

Materials Needed

Step 1
Download the leather earring cut file at the end of the post.  Resize them to whatever size you personally like in your software.  

I like my earrings to be between 1.5-2" long and up to an 1.5" wide.  More than that seems to throw off the balance a bit.  

Step 2
Load leather into your cutting machine.  If you are cutting faux leather, you can usually use your fine cutting blade.  

However, make sure to use your Deep Cutting Blade to cut out genuine leather or if you have a Maker you can use your knife blade.  

If you use the knife blade, change your material settings to garment leather or tooling leather and make sure your blade is nice and sharp or brand new.  

The Maker will make several passes over the leather and a dull blade means the process takes longer.

Not sure about your cutting machine blades? Check out this post that compares Cricut and Silhouette blades.


Step 3
With the pliers, open up one of the jump rings (or O rings) and loop it through the earring hole.  

Close the jump ring.  Repeat with opposite earring.

If your pattern has two holes punched at the top, these are for a single jump ring.  

Just fold the two holes to match and loop your jump ring through both holes.  This will add a little 3D effect to the leaf or feather.

Step 4
Use the pliers to open up the loop on the end of the ear wires and loop it onto the jump ring.  Than close the loop.  

Repeat with opposite earring.

Are you ready to make your own DIY leather earrings?  Click the links below to sign up to get all 6 of our leather earrings cut files.  

Make sure to join our Facebook group to share your fun earrings when you are done!

If you are in need a simple earring card for displaying your cute earrings, check out this free earring card cut file.


  1. from design space I was in process of making a card. I was using a pen in A compartment of Cricut Maker. I was prompted to use a pen in the B compartment. I haven't purchased any adapters to be able to secure pens into A compartment.
    Does the adapter that you insert your pen in removable? My understanding is compartment B is for blades and Quickswap with housing. I am doing my best to learn with online tutorials. I have done my second project using black window clings for Halloween. Purchased Cricuit Maker in April and Juki sewing machine to combine crafts. Have some sewing experience. Basically crafts, sewing costumes, barbie clothes, doll clothes, bedding and accessories for the American Girl Doll for my 6 year old granddaughter. Also sewing granddaughter gowns and pajamas. Want to be able to upload patterns to be cut. I only have a smartphone with limited options in design space. Wanting to upgrade to laptop or pc.

    1. My guess is that the prompting was for you to switch out your pen and add your cutting tool. Make sure to look at the steps they are asking for cutting and drawing the card. Sometimes they are in a different order than normal. But you are correct, that the pens go in the A compartment not B.

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