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25 Sewing Projects for the Home

Sewing for the home can seem like a really big task.  But it is actually one of the easiest and most rewarding types of sewing there is. 

 For example, think about your bedroom.  Do you want to give it a little upgrade?  Why not sew up some new curtains!  

Yes, you could just buy them, but that might cost 3x what it would cost to buy fabric and make them yourself.  

Plus, the satisfaction of knowing you create them yourself is totally worth it.  That's why I wanted to share with you all these great sewing projects for the home.  

Not only are they fun, but most of them are super simple, like just sewing a straight line simple.
Sewing Projects for the Home

I've divided them up into different rooms around the home.  Now, that doesn't mean you couldn't use them somewhere else.  

But it might help you get some inspiration for your own home and how you might use them there.  

Many of these projects are get for organizing a space like the mail organizer.  But you could create the same pattern and use it in a closet or bedroom for shoes, toys or books.  

Remember you get to choose your own fabrics.  That can make all the difference.  

Simple Sewing Projects for the Home

Living Room Sewing Projects

We live in this room.  Watch T.V., craft, play games and toys.  It is for living, so why not keep it organized, clean and functional with some great handmade sewing projects for the home.

Keep that entryway neat and tiddy with this easy bench cover.

Store toys, projects or books in this great fold out bin.

Having a command station is important, but keeping it contained can be difficult.  Here is a great solution.

Same pillows, changed each season with this great pillow cover tutorial.

Curl up and get comfy

Customize a room by making your own window treatments.  They are easier than you think!

Paper, paper everywhere!  Not anymore

Little ones can easily relax with this fun tutorial.

It will happen, it always does.  But know you will know how to quickly fix those pillows.

Keep that machine covered and clean.

Kitchen Sewing Projects

Every kitchen is unique.  Pick a color scheme and sew all your projects using that.  Now you've made it uniform.

By far our most popular post.  Not only will this make your meal time faster but it is a great gift.

Stop lugging around all those groceries in plastic bags.  Make this fun bag to take with you to the store.  Or just make it to haul around like a purse.

You can never have to many towels and this one won't fall off the rack.

If you have loads of grocery bags, make this quick holder to keep them organized and out of the way.

They'll want to help.  This will just help keep the mess off their clothes.

One of my favorite projects.  Keep the bugs and dust away.

Warm them in the microwave or keep them warm fresh from the skillet.

Bathroom Sewing Projects

Small victories are those made organizing your bathroom.  Mine is always a mess between all the toothbrushes and toys, it can be frustrating.  These sewing projects for the home will help keep that bathroom organized once and for all.

Make one for everyone in the household.  Great for traveling or just keeping things in one place.

You can never have too many zipper pouches.  Use them to organize oils, hair accessories or for a shaving kit.

This is such a fun and fast project and your hair will thank you.

Keep all those headbands in one place and out of the way with this quick project.

Bedroom Sewing Projects

It's your sanctuary.  Why not keep it that way with some handmade items to add comfort and fun.

Burrito Pillowcase Pattern
Pillowcases are a must, but make them special with this easy pattern

I seriously could not survive without tote bags.  They organize the toys, hold the games, and keep this momma sane.

Everyone loves a quick distraction and these mermaid pillows are fun to write or just sit and change the sequins.

Cubbies are all the rage, so make your own totes.

Faux Chenille Pillow
This plush and comfy pillow is perfect for showing some love or just to add a sweet touch.

I hope this list of sewing projects for the home help inspire you and give you some simple and fun projects to make for your own home.  Sewing is such a great skill and the uses are endless.  

And if you are looking for even more sewing projects, check out our list of over 200 beginner sewing projects.